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Cox Communications
Main address: 1400 Lake Hearn Drive 30319 Atlanta GA
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  • 408+16 mobile complaints
  • $160K claimed losses
  • $370 average
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Very unreliable I own a restaurant and on Friday night while busy cox went down and couldn't process credit cards, I had a mob of angry people on my hand and I lost a lot of money that time, and that's the 5th time it has happened, I'm switching to verizon, cox you are not reliable at all thanks for nothing. Add comment

  • Aug 27
  • Other
  • Product Company
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I trained for this company, thought it would be great to work for a not so big type company unlike At&t etc. But just wow was I wrong, the trainers speed through steps like they are in a race and your fellow "classmates" HA! everyone is out for themselves no wonder I see so many complaints about the customer service of this company look at the people they hire. Never heard of this company... Read more

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No problem been a customer 4 years yes thing go down something but I am not going to call in whining like a lil immature baby I talk always nice to the techs and understand that technology has it hiccups at least they are not as bad as direct or AT&T had those And had problem and expensive techs fees Add comment

  • Aug 26
  • Television/ Radio
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Service Order Set Up
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I was solicited by COX to switch carries to them for less I took there offer. the lady setup my service order for the next day Sunday or guaranteed Monday. Well Monday comes around no call I see a contractor guy in my backyard I asked him why didn't he call and who was he (was not in cox clothing) he tells me he was just ordered to connect on the pole. He and I come in my house call CS they... Read more

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  • Aug 23
  • Television/ Radio
  • La Mesa, California
  • Cable Box Issues
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I have nothing BUT problems with Cox, and I've only been with them for a year! All of my equipment worked perfectly fine at my previous residence before I joined Cox. Now my internet connection is always very slow, and it loses network connection entirely. My printer connection has to be rebooted on an almost daily basis. My cable box kicks out and resets itself almost daily. This happens whether... Read more

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I have lived in the same house for 12 years. Cox has always been the bane of my life in those years. Crappy service and continual outages. Always more rate increases. I'm getting ready to disconnect. Good luck Cox. Add comment

They offer you 300 hundred channels, but usually there's nothing to see on TV, Box fail many times a day, Channels gone, All channels repeating and repeating for months same programs. But bills soo high. I wish somebody step up to stop this abuse. Add comment

  • Aug 08
  • Internet
  • Slow Internet
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We don't have cable television. We have the Premium Internet Package and we've had it for a year. In March, our internet started dropping completely dead 3-4 times a day. We called a technician, who fiddled around and replaced some things in the cable box by the road. He claimed it was fixed. The next day it started dropping the internet again. Being tech savvy, we did some research and found out... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Media
  • Fraudulent Services
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If you have cox service, tired of the tiling, dropped calls and the dam lieing in Las Vegas and when they transfer you to someone in management, you may have well been transferred to a monkey. I talked to a tech and he said everyone in Las Vegas is tired of the lies from leadership from HR down and they are trying to vote a union in...Let the union deal with the manipulating leadership from then... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Television/ Radio
  • Bad Company Service
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I have had service since 7/18/14, my sister had cox for over twenty years she canceled it and now has u verse/ att. my cable is still not buried. the installer said he staked it down so I could still mow. well he lied!!! over a week ago I cut it. called cox said they would repair it on 8/8/ I twisted it together so I could have cable and half assed internet. but you *** sent me a bill which... Read more

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