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Update by user Oct 30, 2017

The review I just wrote was my update after having viewed my next bill to be paid.

Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2017

Cox Communications has become a nightmare for me in cost. Not much short of $200.00 a month.

Under a 2 year contract they impose upon you with a $300.00 penalty if you disconnect from anything before the 2 years are up, it places you under bondage. Senior citizens with doctor, medicines, and food costs on a fixed income; for them that is a hardship and the costs continue to increase. They claim to give you discounts off a bundle, but turn around and eat it up in taxes and fees of all kinds. There even seems to be duplication of fees and taxes.

When it gets to the place that you are having to cancel doctor appointments because you have to pay Cox or you can't put food on your table because you have to pay your exorbitant bill to Cox; then things have gotten out of hand. There has to be a respite from their gouging.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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