Norfolk, Virginia

I was renting and was able to use Verizon Fios and my bill was only $116 a month with 50mb internet and all the channels except the movie channels but when I bought my house Cox Cable was the only provider available.

I was told the bill would be around $113 a month because I got the $89.99 bundle which is a joke because they leave out alot of channels and make you pay extra for if you want them.

I just recieved my first bill and it's $188.53 WTF....

and I have only one HD box. Tried to call but they dont answer the phone on Sundays. I'm cancelling tomorrow because this is just ridiculous.

At Cox you pay more for less and for those in area's where there aren't any other providers they really stick it to you.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Did you check your bill for install fees? Usually the first bill has them and a lot of company installs are expensive these days, Dish is like almost 100 now and I think Cox is up to 60 a service now last I heard


I think I'd be uspet too if I received a similar suprise on my bill. I'd be happy to take a look at your account and find out what is going on. Email me at with your account information and I'll get started.