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Early December I called Cox to put in a new computer line because I had been renovating and wanted the line to go in before the wallows closed up. The Cox technician shows up and immediately stats yelling at me that I have too many lines, he doesn't go into attic spaces and my lines are a mess! Then he tells me he is going to charge me $100 for drilling *** in my wall because he had to crawl 5 feet into my attic to drop the line. I point out to him that he would be doing a lot more work if he had to bring the line through an outside wall. That didn't matter to him as he told me Cox technicians don't do crawl spaces! I asked what about my messed up connections? He set up an appointment for someone to fix the lines 3 days later. I had to leave and left him with my contractor. He put in an outlet box completely crooked in my new wall! Then the guy had the nerve to steal an orange from my kitchen! It was not the first time. In 2008 Cox came in and redid all my lines because my connections were so bad. I lost 3 valuable rings that day. I was heart broken and refused to have them in my house again until now.

The Cox contractor arrived with his fancy computer to check my lines. Replaces the main splitter. Checks the lines inside. I asked him to look at my connection for my living room. He tells me I do not need my wireless adapter for my TiVo. I said are you sure? He says, yes and proceeds to take it off and puts it in a box of trash I had. then tells me I need a new M card without checking anything but his computer device. 2 weeks later I no longer had TiVo.

I called Cox to come fix the problem with my TiVo. They send a very nice female technician out who tells me I should have never had to put up with what I had gone through. She said my splitter on my living room tv was the problem. She said the first tech should not have charged me to put a line in an open wall (it's not a wall fish). The second tech had no business throwing out my equipment. And put in a damage claim for me. She put in a temporary DVR because of what the technician had done. And gave me the number to her supervisor.

Unfortunately he was not willing to replace my equipment and instead decided to put in a dedicated internet line to my TiVo. The issue with this? It took 2 days to do it. To days I was held captive in my home while this supervisor stood in my living room waiting for his guys to complete a wall fish through another brand new wall. All because he was to cheap to replace my equipment. My time was not considered, nor was my health (I was sick with the flu). What did I get out of all of this? A $447.03 bill! Not only did they raise my bill, they also charged me for the wall fish and the DVR box plus a sports package I don't have. I HATE COX CABLE! It has taken many hours of my time and many phone calls to get them to work on reducing my bill.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $118.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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