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Cox Communications in Tempe, Arizona - Very upset

I have had several costs on my bills with no explanations, and everytime I call I am treated like I have the plague. They are very nice in the beginning and after that awful customer service.I had a withdraw of $452 on my account for November and $643 in December (on Christmas day) and everyone I speak to cannot find the payment. I have faxed in 4 copies from my credit union, and spoke to many representatives. When I ask for a supervisor, manager, and/or corporate number I am told ther are none working and they do not have a corporate office. Last week I called again and after speaking to 5 different people a guy go on the phone and told me he was a supervisor and could see the payment (but the other 5 individuals and everyone else before then could not). So when I asked him how he sees it and nobody else does, he yelled at me and said it was there; so I asked for proof and he told me he would send it but charge me $5 a bill for each month since this past November and then hung up on me. I am disgusted and I do not understand why their customer service is awful and how they get away with it.
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I've had my share of billing anomolies myself so I know how confusing these issues can be at time. I'd be happy to take a look and try to help if you still need assistance. Please feel free to email me at


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Cox Communications Phone Service

Cox Communications = worst service ever

Cox Communications provides the worst service I have ever encountered. Their home phone service barely works and costs a fortune. Their "new, upgraded" voice mail service literally does not work. I spoke with a representative and they informed me that it was fact, voice mail will not record any messages and they are unaware of a solution to date. Yet, I am still charged for services that do not work and which I did not want in the first place. The charge for service is outrageous and the company is inflexible. They do not care if you are satisfied as long as they are being paid.
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Cox is a joke when it comes to service. I have been with them for 10 years and all of a sudden I'm being changed hundreds to call New Zealand, my home country. I call the wonderful people at cox, who transfer me to accounting(6 MINUTE WAIT), then transfer me to Tech support (10 minute wait), then finally transfer me to phone service (8 minute wait) by this time I'm a little on edge and trying to be nice to the lady who does not have a good grasp of the English language...and she says, looks like I made a change to my account? Now I explained to her I have had the same international service for years...LONG STORY SHORT, they are not helping me with the past changes, just adding the international fee back to the account....

Oh the joy of being "shafted by Cox"!!! AGAIN!!!!

moving to new service in the summer!!

Any ideas out there? need a bundle TV, PHONE, INTERNET.

Thanks for listening. :(


July 13, 2011

DearCoxTech 1:

My wife and I moved into our new home on Friday, May 13, and contacted our long distance carrier, TELNA, in Henderson, Nevada on Monday or Tuesday, May 16 or 17. TELNA asked that we wait 48-hours before using TELNA long distance service. We started using TELNA as our long distance carrier on May 19.

We received a bill from Cox Communications dated June 11 for $1,523.72, mostly for long distance calls at $3.50 per minute to Ukraine and Russia where my wife has relatives and friends. I contacted Cox technical support who said they received no request from TELNA and show no listing for TELNA in their references. They asked that I call TELNA and get the PIC and LPIC numbers for their use. I did so and furnished the PIC and LPIC numbers to technical support.

Cox insist I owe them for the long distance calls at $3.50 per minute although TELNA is a registered long distance carrier associated with Global Crossing. I'm now connected through TELNA but must pay hundreds of dollars to Cox for an apparent Cox oversight in maintaining their reference records. Can you help and reply?

William R. Barnwell

371 W. Calle Del Estribo

Sahuarita, AZ 85629

(520) 344-7711


I apologize for any difficulties you're experiencing with our serivces. Please feel free to email me at if you would like any assistance getting these or other issues resolved.


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Cox Communications Phone Service

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