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WOW, where do I begin?

I am paying for a DL speed of 50 mpbs. An old computer gets pretty close but my new gets .3 to 22 MBPS. Very difficult in streaming movies as they will not completely play. Everything else tested good so figure it must be the modem.

I had been told months ago by a cox tech to trade my modem in and when I did be sure it is not one in a white box as they are ones supposedly repaired.

I call the office yesterday and tell them I want to pick up a new modem as mine was not working and due to this Belkin was unable to help me install my router.

I brought it home, hooked it up and finished with the router install. Now I find I have no phone service.

I try to contact them through chat. Start with first person and all of a sudden the page disappears.

try again with 2nd person. Again something happens and the chat says it is ended.

OK, maybe 3rd person is the charm. Got as far as making appointment for next day and i want the 1-3 time. Page now disappears again. I try several more times just to be sure but chat was not available.

Late that night I get thru chat and it is Gary G. I asked him if I was confirmed for tomorrow 1-3 and tech to bring a brand new modem. He says it is all confirmed.

Today I get home early 11am and go to chat to see if they have any cancellations and someone could come now as I am home. Tells me I am confirmed 3-5 and i say no it is 1-3 but would like earlier if possible and you get any cancellations or no shows. He say this is not possible as you are confirmed for 3-5. I copy the confirmation I got and send it to him. suddenly he is not here anymore.

Went again on CHat with the same results.Says maybe Gary hit the wrong key. (as if I believe something like that could happen with only a confirmation)

In the meantime some body stopped by with a cell phone so I use it to call for tech support. I got nowhere with this person so I asked for supervisor. She was very nice and understanding but had no record of my chats. She did something in her office that got the phone working immediately Asked me if I still wanted to exchange the modem and I told her yes and with a new one. Be sure who you send has a new one on his truck.

It was just before 5pm when I get a call saying he is on way. I asked him how long and he says 5-10 min and I told him to make it fast as I was just leaving Also ask if he has new modem and he assures me he does. He gets here it is after 5 and no modem I ask him where is my new modem and he says he needs to check the old one and I ask him how long it will take and he replies 20 to 30 minutes. I tell him that is too long to just get the new modem and disconnect the other and I will connect it myself. He comes back with one in a white box. I couldn't believe that after wasting all my time. So I connect the same one up and again no phone service.

I just spent over an hour again on chat with pages closing, having to repeat myself every time. They didn't seem to want to get my phone working for me until I told them I am Senior and disabled an alone. If anything happens to me and i dont have phone to call for help then it will be Cox who is responsible. that got their attention and they decided to help me and to get my phone working.

Right now I am totally exhausted with all the bickering with them. I am their customer. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. AZDESERTGAL is quite happy with last agent was and stated that there is a room for improvement of employees not listening 2 ur wants and people wasting my time. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of cox communications internet service. Cox Communications needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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