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I was contacted through messenger by cox communication and they apologized for the inconvenience and told me they would send me a box with Prepaid postage to send the modem back to them at no cost to me or if I wished to get service still, they would give me a $50 credit on my bill after I paid the deposit and activated service.They were very professional about it I activated my service and they have given me the $50 credit towards my bill. Thank you Chris and Nicole at Cox Communications!

Original review posted by user Nov 08

5 to 6 months ago, I found a panoramic modem that was thrown away in a dumpster. I kept it because I wanted to get internet someday and knew that, this type of modem is what is use these days.

I called Cox to have internet service, it turned out that it was one of their modems that a customer had not returned and apparently threw away.

Instead of offering me free rent on the device or waiving the $50 deposit for it, they wanted the deposit and the monthly rent on it. I had no problem with paying the monthly rent but, when they told me I have to pay a $50 deposit for something I found in the garbage I refused and therefore canceled getting my internet from them all together. On top of that, now they tell me I must return the device to them, or I will be charged for it. Now it's going to cost me money for my gas and my time to deliver this device back to them.

I refused to do that at an expense to me for something I found in the garbage. That if they wanted it they can come pick it up, they then told me they would charge me $25 to have someone come pick it up, I refused to do that as well. So now they plan on billing me for the cost of this device which, I have no doubt, that they have already billed the customer who they previously rented it to for the cost of it already.

This is so absurd and out of line I can't believe it.

How can they legally charge me for a device they did not give to me, that I found in the garbage? Or make me return it at a cost to me?

It is their device, so they say,

*NOTE* Device does not say: "Property of Cox Communications" on it and this device can be purchased at Amazon.

So I canceled getting service with them and am awaiting to see if they bill me for this device, if I am billed, I shall no doubt turn this over to my attorney and have my day in court with them at their expense.

You would think that just for finding a device of theirs, and gaining of an approximate $500 1 year contract from me, that they would at least waive the $50 deposit.

Good business sense?=

Good customer relations?=

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Provide me with the service I was wanting and wave the deposit, or, come pick up the device at your expense, not mine..

Cox Communications Cons: Cost and customer service, Manager didnt resolve issue or try helping, Lack of good people skills, Customer relations.

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