When you decide to cancel Cox, please read the following carefully to avoid being charged for things you shouldn't be charged for.

1) Prior to cancelling, log on to your Cox account. Download and save EVERY BILL YOU HAVE ACCESS TO. EVERY ONE. It's typically 12-13 months of bills.

2) When you call to cancel, request a ticket number. Explain that you want to cancel. Explain that you do not wish to be reconnected. Explain that you will return their equipment in one of their local stores, in person, with a witness. Also explain that you will require a receipt for each and every transaction. Also make it clear that you will have witnessess for each and every transaction.

3) Demand that every statement you have made in step 2 above is typed up in your ticket. Then, have them email you a copy of your ticket. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO HANG UP. Wait for the ticket, and what you demanded, to be received. READ YOUR EMAIL AND TICKET C A R E F U L L Y. If Cox makes a mistake, make them correct it. Then demand a resend of the email. Do not hang up the phone with the person you are cancelling with until you are 900% certain that every word in that email is exactly to your demands.

4) Do not allow anyone from Cox to visit your home. Do not allow them to send someone to pick up their equipment. Take the equipment to a store yourself. Make sure you take clear photographs of the equipment you are returning prior to your visit. Write down every number and word on that equipment prior to your visit. Obtain a receipt for every piece of equipment you turn in. Boxes, remotes, ANYTHING. Demand a receipt for each seperate piece of equipment.

5) Your equipment charge should be removed from your bill within 48 hours. Once this happens, make another visit to the store to pay your final bill. Ensure you have a witness. Make sure you ask the following questions in front of your witness: "Do I owe Cox any other equipment?" "Is my account paid in full?" If they answer no to both questions, ensure you state "I do not want to be reconnected. I do not want any Cox services whatsoever."

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Monetary Loss: $178.


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I recently changed my TV to streaming, and changed to ATT for internet. After cancelling via phone and returning the equipment they continued to Bill me for 60 days and sent me to collections. The good news they removed the charges, and I save $100 a month with Cox in the rearview mirror.

Wichita, Kansas, United States #1356036

Please don't use cox they don't care about anyone or damaging someone house

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1334595

If you ever have any issues with Cox's regular representative you can call the corporate office and ask for there Executive customer service. Remember to get the first representatives name and employee #, which they are obligated to give you. Note the time your first call took place and the executive office can pull up the call and send complaint to there manager.

to Anonymous Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1334597

Cox executive customer service phone #404-843-5000


I did not have a contract, cancelled service, and returned equipment.


I have had the same charge of $174.21 after cancelling my service with no explanation.I moved and did not get the bill until it was already in collections and I have tried to dispute not having service and being billed.

No one would know to go through all these steps to cancel service.I will never use Cox again and have informed everyone I know of this kind of action after e cancellation.

Forest City, North Carolina, United States #1269450

Horrible customer services.....horrible...

I can't believe after loyalty for over 4 years paid on time no mayor issues....calling asking for my bill so high for a basic services.....no question asked....

Ending to cancel mi account with cox.....today is my second day try to return the boxes.....yesterday waiting time 20 minutes ending at 35 minutes I left..

Today is 25 minutes waiting time....still waiting...

Very disappointing.....Cox is suck....

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1269432

Happy 2017 everyone! I actually cancelled my cable part of the deal and kept the internet, returned equipment back no problem, now the only problem is the internet is slow af!! cancelling as we speak and getting CenturyLink for those of you in the Las Vegas Valley CenturyLink is the way to go for Internet at least

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1181467

Going through this with Cox right now.I discontinued my cable TV but kept internet.

I returned so much equipment that they had to help me in with it. My first bill was for internet only, the 2nd had 2 charges for equipment. Two modems at $128 each!. I took 2 modems to the cox store one was on the list and one not.

The clerk gave me a ticket with the return and showed me the one modem -not installed when the phone person said it was- on the list- I will look.

Beware! Always return the equipment even if the guy says its broken. Keep the receipts forever.

My brother says, sis if they only got you for that you are lucky.

He says always buy your own equipment.I was with Cox for over 25 years!!


Disconnect fees depend on whether or not you have a contract.I have used cox twice.

I do not have a contract for my services.

I own my own equipment and disconnect service on the last day of my pay period.Keep it simple with no surprises.

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