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We opened our Cox business account over the phone. No written or signed contract.

We had to call frequently to get back on line but they were the best around then. Then in 2008 we were told that our modem was outdated and needed to be replaced. We bought a new one because they no longer leased modems. But the problems still continued.

So in July 2009 when our contract was up we did not renew. In November 2009 we signed up with Clear and after 1 month of being satisfied with their service we asked Cox for a disconnect. After being given the run around. We finally got the 'disconnect form' and it was faxed in.

We have faxed it 5 times and mailed it twice. Cox has yet to 'receive' it.

The officer manager spoke to someone who said they received it but there was no disconnect date. Now Julie at Cox tells me that when you do not renew your contract with Cox according to their legal definition, their services role over for 12 months at twice your previous rate!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

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Hello lvmedcen,

I would be frustrated too if I were in your shoes.Please allow me to get to the bottom of this for you. When you have free time, please email my team at with the business address.



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