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I called cox communications in Phoenix to ask about some up grades I was interested in. Had a good service rep and at the end decided the cost was to high and ended the conversation.

A week later cox called me and offered me what I wanted and a significantly different price than what I had been quoted before. I signed up, got the service and when I got my next bill, it was over $40 dollar MORE than what I had been told. After more than 45 minutes of a phone conversation, NOTHING had changed but I got many many "I'm sorry" responses from the service agent. I carefully explained everything that the agent that had called me offered and the prices etc.

They were unable to find any written record of the offers made. The long and the short of it, DON'T agree to anything until you have it in writing. Even if you have to go into an office to do it. Don't do it over the phone.

I have been with Cox for almost 20 years. What a sad way to treat their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Phone Service.

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Thanks CoxTech1 for the offer, but I think at this time, I am totally shut down and unable to listen to any further justifications to explain away the deception. After speaking with 3 different people at Cox to try to rectify this and hearing over and over "we are sorry" for the misunderstanding etc and the outcome still being basically the same thing, I think it is best to just leave things the way they are and save myself the possible embarrassment of saying something in a heated moment that would not be polite and directed at the wrong person anyway. The fault is NOT with the Tech department, nor probably with a customer service rep, but rather with, in my mind at least, a bait and switch tactic.

Again, thank you though for your effort to be of help.


I apologize for any billing issues regarding your Cox services. If you could like to email me at I'd be happ to look into this further for you.


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