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Had a house visit appointment today for technical support to come and check my Internet service, the gentleman showed up in time however I was in the other line talking to my dish provider asking about my house visit by them (both were supposed to be at the house by...
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Cox Communications Customer Care
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Cox Communications - Cox refuses to remove late payment penalty

Sadly this year, i have had two credit cards stolen and compromised. Each had been used for automatic payment to my cox account (easy pay). Cox refuses to remove the 25 dollar "returned payment" fee for the second card, because they say they already did that once (for the first card). I have been a long standing client of cox, always with immediate payments...and I cannot believe they refuse to remove the penalty for the second card (by the way, I now have automatic payment via my bank there is no risk of a nonpayment because of a compromised credit card).
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Cox Communications Customer Care
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