Fairfax, Virginia
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I moved to a new apartment located at 3539 S. George Mason Dr. I was told Ana Romero was the rep for Cox cable and I contacted her to set up an appointment for installation. I asked for a list of the available service and equipment. She emailed the alternatives and I picked what I thought was the best bargain.

She was was using the speakerphone to talk to me & I had difficulty understanding most of what she said (listen to the recording).

After I made my pick she told me she had to make a credit check. She came back onto the line and she told me I had put up a $125 deposit. Surprised I acceded to her demand. Gave her a credit card number.

Installation day, I as shocked to see a first generation receiver, older than the one I had 10+ years ago as a Cox customer in Fairfax County.

I called Romero to tell her about my dissatifaction with the equipment. I told her about my dissatisfaction and asked for a more up-to-date equipment. Needless to say, I was told to wait for three months to prove that I was worthy of the upgrade, very disrespected and was hung upon twice.

Turns out that, Romero did not run the social security number I gave her. She ran an erroneous number that gave her a poor credit score; hence the demand for a deposit.

When I called Customer service, they told me that my social was not showing and the account was under a different social.

I had to go to the Kingstown, Alexandria customer service center to get the equipment I wanted.

Romero, therefore, ran an erroneous social without the express authorization of the appropriate owner and in doing so had me submit to a deposit I didn't need to considering that I have an excellent credit score. Had she refrained from using the speakerphone, she might have heard the social I gave her correctly.

In addition, she was unwilling to talk to me the next day to rectify the situation & hung up the phone twice (listen to the recording).

I hope you will respond to this serious complaint from a long time customer.

B. Bekele

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Receiver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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