In December of 2018 I made the switch to Cox from AT&T. The worse mistake I ever did, but the reason was because my contract had ended with AT&T. With my contract ending that that meant my price went up so I switched. Cox offered me a $350 rewards card and a free...
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Ordered Cox bundle (tv, internet, homelife) through a rep @ Wal-Mart to be installed April 3, 2019; yes, that would have been yesterday. Was told at time of signup that I was getting 300+ channels for a set price on ALL TVs; and all installation was FREE. First of all,...
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Cox Communications - Worst people to deal with ever;

Good Product...………..worst service and they lie and deceive you something terrible. Hate 'em...
Signed up for new TV/Internet bundle. Quoted price: $89.99 plus state taxes/FCC surcharges. At time of signup, the exact amount of these taxes/surcharges could not be determined. I understand these charges, and on the first bill they total $7. This is NOT an issue....
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to regarding actual cost of service
So i called to cancel my service with cox and the first question i was asked is "why are you cancelling your service? Meanwhile, i was logged into my account on my phone and ready to pay the final bill. When i scrolled over to "pay bill" it read that i was...
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Cox Communications - Accountability

I spoke to a Cox Representative that setup a payment arrangement for my account. Lo and behold my services were disconnected before the date agreed upon. I called and no one could do anything even though the rep put the wrong date. Cox customer service sucks and you can’t even trust what they say even when there’s record of it, they do what they want.

Cox Communications - New balance

Cox offered $400 Cox visa award. My card#{{Redacted}}, tracking# 867894627.I spend total$400 already, but on 03/22/2019 I returned to Home Depot 1 item and refunded $19.97 to my card. So I still have $19.97 in my card, but when I checked my new balance is zero. Can Ox reward center adjust my card new balance please. Thanks for your time.
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Value for money

Cox Communications in Tucson, Arizona - Coxuckers

Cox will put you on telephone death hold when you try to lower your bill by removing services. They constantly raise their rates without regard to the customer's best interests. If they had any real competition, they would be out of business quickly. Cox business practices are despicable. Cox is the greediest business I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. My latest debacle with Cox was today, 3/25/19, when after putting me on death hold, the "customer service" rip off representative came back to the phone to inform me that my bill had increased by $25/month after I dropped ESPNU from my subscription with Cox.
I contacted to COX to have my service line checked since my signal seemed to be very erratic. So they send three guys out and end runing a new service line. BUT...they run this line down the pole (not encased in conduit) and across my yard. Then they place these flags...
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Switched to cox on 3/11/19. When I signed up I was told my bill would be 175.93 per month. Then they sent an e-mail that my bill was due in that amount. When I called to pay m...


Cox Communications - Highway robbery

Cox sucks you in with lowball rates for 24 months, then they rape you afterwards. Do not give this company any of your hard earned dollars.