Mission Viejo, California
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I am a senior and live in a Senior community. I've talked to other seniors in this community they have aired the same problem.

The cost of our cable bill has steadily increased. Many have dropped some services while others have tried to streamline the packages they order. I am sure seniors make up a large portion of Cox customer base. There should be a senior plan of some kind so they can continue to see programs they want eg.

sports, news, movies. I can see Cox losing a large amount of business because let's face it seniors cannot afford the price increases & bundles of useless programs because they are on fixed incomes.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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The same scenario is playing out for my mother. She was upsold by a Cox rep switching her from AT&T which she shouldn't have subscribed to.

He talked her into a VOIP phone which is unreliable and has issues.

Her TV settings routinely go offline. Cox, please amend your pricing; minimize the bundle especially DVR when a person is too old to use it; and provide economy for senior citizes.


It's unfortunate that something we used to get for free, now cost too much to be able to afford. People keep getting greedier and greedier.

To be obligated to pay $150. per month to watch TV, for seniors is taking advantage...especially since those days of tennis matches , and bike riding are over for many.

Cox and Verizon should be ashamed but they're not, because nobody sees. It's only when it is broadcast to the public, that these big conglomerates, pretend to care....but only while people are looking.


The monopoly has taken over big cities......Cable internet and phone do not benefit with a price war.So the customers on a fixed income do not benefit either.... I live in Bentonville Arkansas and 1/4 of my retirement is spent on phone ,cable and internet.....Seniors are getting robbed when people who do not work and have children and live better than someone that that worked all their lives....

The food cost are outrageous in a town owned by Walmart....The state does not provide meals on wheels or discounts services from Cox ,that has a monopoly on cable services in this area....The taxes are the highest i've ever encountered .... So if have picked this area to retire .....they could care less.....They have others they can drain without having to help those that have worked hard all their lives who just want to live without the burden they have endured all their lives....


I agree cox should have a senior citizen cable plan . Senior citizons live on fixed incomes and don,t have a lot money to put out. if cox wp

ould consider having a discount program for disable persons as well as senior citizons that would make cox a cable with heart.




I agree the cost for seniors is expensive as I have basic internet and cable.


Also many seniors living a lone have only their TV to keep them company but Cox is too greedy to help them keep their service when it comes to ...choosing between food, prescriptions, cable TV and or internet! Cox needs to do more for our seniors!


I agree.


We appreciate your taking the time to provide us your feedback regarding our rates. I am a customer as well so I completely

understand how important it is to keep a close eye on our budgets in this economy.

As we continue to invest in our business so that we can deliver the latest technological advances on our network and a wide array of products and services our customers want and need, we occasionally have to adjust rates.

Additionally, the network providers require us to frequently renegotiate contracts which often results in increased costs. While Cox tries to absorb most of these costs, sometimes it does require a small percentage of the cost to be passed on to customers.

Cox negotiates fiercely with programmers to keep wholesale programming costs at a minimum. Sometimes these battles get heated and programmers threaten to pull their signals from Cox’s video lineup. This tactic puts Cox in a difficult position, as our goal is to provide our customers with uninterrupted access to the television programs they enjoy.

Therefore, Cox continues to advocate for our customers during negotiations and keep programming costs from becoming so inflated while giving our customers access to the television shows they love to watch.

There are many options we can offer to help keep your rates as low as possible. One of these options is Price Lock. We'd be happy to review your account.

Please email us at cox.help@cox.com & include your full name, complete street address, Cox PIN & a link to your post here. We'll be happy to look into any options which may be available to you.

Thank you, Dina B.


The typical canned swill of corporate lies. Why bother to reply at all. You know that you are lying and we know that you are lying.


They only lure new customers with low attractive offers but no promo or discounted plan for loyal customers and even Seniors. They will only recommend you apply for lifeline for telephone discount.


But yet they give free internet or discounted prices for school age children on food stamps or in HUD housing! How many of these families do you think are Americans and legal citizens??? Willing to bet most are not!