Little Rock, Arkansas
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cox cable in fort smith arkansas. had converter box stolen, turned in police report, said we were responsible for the 400 dollars to replace the cable box, so evidently crime does pay, because the thief isnt out 400 bucks.

would certainly like to do business with cox but i am unwilling to pay for a cable box that a thief broke into my home, took everything i owed including this high price cable box that im sure didnt cost 400 dollars to begin with. i am through with cox cable i assure you.

direct tv here i come. thank you

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I would love for us to have another opportunity to see how to resolve the stolen cable box problem you've encountered. I regret you've had an unsatisfactory experience and hope we can have the chance to talk through the details with you again--and see if there's a better solution.

If you are interested in pursuing this further, please respond and I will find a way to get this issue into good hands. Thank you!