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My wife, two month old baby, and I moved into our new home this weekend. We called Cox to arrange for the installation of our cable service, and were given an installation window of 3-5PM. 5 PM arrived, and nobody had shown up. My wife called, and was told by the representative that the technician was on his way to our house, and should be there in a few minutes. He even went so far as to say that he was "tracking" him and assured her that he was driving to our house. So we said okay and waited a bit more, since it was only a few minutes past the estimate. Only we waited, and waited, and waited.

Fast forward and it's now about 7:30 PM. We blew past the baby's bath time. We didn't go out to pick up dinner. We didn't run to the stores and do the errands we needed to with the move. I called the customer service number and got a voice mail greeting saying Cox's offices were now closed, and to call tomorrow, so we decided to finally go out. We took the baby to my mother's, so that she could get to bed and we could finally run the errands we put off for the last 4.5 hours. When leaving, we saw a van pulling to our house. It was almost comedic. We made a U-turn and went back to the house, just happy for the eventual installation.

Here's where I get angry. The technician, while installing the cable, told us that the representative at Cox LIED to my wife. There was no tracking, the rep had never spoken with the tech, and the tech didn't tell him he was on his way to our house. In fact, he didn't call dispatch until after 6PM, well after my wife's call. I was incredibly disappointed to hear that we were lied to, and wasted all of our evening based on such disrespect and disregard. So the weekend passed and I called today, to alert customer service of the fact that representatives are making things up and completely lying to- not misleading, but telling blatant untruths- customers. Perhaps to no surprise, the "supervisor" who spoke to me was completely apathetic to the story. He treated me as if I was asking for a handout (which I was not... at no point did I ask for anything other than respect and an apology), and then with the most ridiculously condescending tone explained how "if you divide your bill by 30 you get like $4 a day and the $20 credit we're offering you is much more". I'm an MBA- I can divide. I also spent about six years in undergraduate and graduate business schools learning that it's sometimes good practice for an organization to not treat its customers like pieces of *** to be taken advantage of and wholly disregarded. It's maddening how he didn't get it, and fought to convince me I was being irrational because I was complaining about having my moving day destroyed like this and my wife being lied to. Oh, and the proverbial cherry on top: the installation was messed up, and our upstairs cable didn't work. Had to have it fixed the next day.

If you can, just get FIOS. I don't even trust Cox to disconnect my service without hosing it up or being dishonest with the transaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Installation.

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