Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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In March of 2010, a Cox cable technician unlawfully entered my back yard by climbing over a locked gate and proceeded to cut the wiring that ran along the side of my home. I was unaware of his presence until I heard him hammering on the side of the house.

He never knocked or notified me that he was on the premises. He wanted to bury new cable lines. When I refused, he then spliced the cables five times and refitted them with connectors.

This caused me to lose most of my channels viewable with an hdtv.

When I complained to Cox, they wanted to charge me $60 extra per month to have my channels restored. Cox has even admitted that the technician acted far beyond the scope of his duties, however they have refused to repair the damage. The green box cable is next door, the filtering of channels is lawfully installed at the box, not on my home. The cables are my property because the house was wired for satellite, not for cable TV for over 20 years.

In order to resubscribe to satellite TV, the wiring will have to be redone all over again. Cable companies are deliberately doing this in order to penalize customers who may leave them for satellite. I am interested in a class-action lawsuit.

I live in BR, LA. Put an ad at Craigslist list in order find me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

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on the same note, cox technician came into my house and cut off the slacks to make himself a temporary coaxial line. Look out guys... these guys are cowboys...


Thanks CoxTech1. How do I know if you are legit?

Here is additional info on the technician that did this. His tech number is 7069.

This happened in BR, LA. You may email me at


I apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused you. If you would like help getting this resolved feel free to email me at and I'll see what I can do to help.