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Kacey O. was the chat agent.

I was given (by Cox tech support via phone) FREE HBO until they could resolve my television issues. Today the tv issues were resolved and, as I promised the agent, I contacted Cox (via chat) to STOP the free HBO and to confirm that I wasn't charged for the FREE HBO. The chat agent, Kacey O. said that they could rectify my issue....disconnected HBO for us and then I asked them to confirm there was NO CHARGE for the days that I had the FREE HBO.

Kacey O. wrote "I have removed HBO from your account. Is there anything else I can assist you with". I wrote "Thank you and please confirm that there was no charge for the FREE HBO".

Kacey O. wrote" you will only be charged until the moment it was disconnected"; then KACY O. HUNG UP!!! CHAT was ended!

What poor customer service!

I ended up calling support (I hate calling support because of all the voice prompts and the phone wait)....and the support agent on the phone reversed the HBO charges. Hopefully the phone agent reports this chat agent for unprofessional customer support...but I doubt that it will happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Cox Communications Cons: Horrendous customer service on chat support.

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They use both local/US reps and reps in Latin America often with US names. I had the same issue.

The foreign reps have a serious deficit in communication abilities despite knowing elementary english. Call retention and make them credit you for the inconvenience.