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I have been a customer of Cox Communication for approximately 3.5 years. During this time the monthly bill, basic cable & 2nd tier Internet, has steadily been between $45-50. I received the August bill on 08/07/08 and was astonished to see the monthly rate had risen to almost $70. I contacted customer service via telephone and spoke with two women, customer service & supervisor, both of who were helpful. The supervisor informed me that during the past 3.5 years Cox had freely provided the cable and that I was only paying for Internet. She credited a "promotion". I believe that my previous bills state that I was paying approximately $20 for cable and approximately $20 for Internet. She stated that a "small amount" of Cox customers had been affected by this change in the "promotion". She then directed me to the Cox website. I visited the site, only to find that it was down. I called back twice, asking further questions, was hung-up on once and directed to write a letter the last time.

My complaint is this:

The precedence of $45-50 a month has been set for the past 3.5 years of service. I understand that rate hikes occur, even the price of printing money has increased, as will my cable bill. But what I cannot fathom is that the price would raise $20 in a single month due to a "promotion, which has lasted 3.5 years.

The general voice of the customer service was that if I didn't want to pay, I should then cancel my service. I like the quality of the Internet and cable provided, but do not feel that the sudden end of a "promotion" justifies the amount the bill has been raised. I could see a few dollars more, but $20 is hardly understandable. The fact the Cox Corporation believes that they can push on a minority of their customer base to supplement their financial woes does not seem like good Arizona business. My family and I feel genuinely ripped-off.

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