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In 2016 I moved in to this apartment and called Cox for cable connection. So they sent me one mini box for cable but a month later I found in my bill statement I got 2 mini cable boxes in my account so I called customer service to make it right but I thought they did until now 2017 I moved this new house and called them for my new address and I just come to find out I still have 2 mini cable boxes in my Cox account and never been fixed (so upset).

And then, got my January 2017 bills it went to high so I decided to cut my cable off and the part of it that it really made me so upset is they want me to pay the other mini cable box which I never been received. I've been calling customer service 5 times but for some reason no one can understand me about my situation. To me, I felt like I speak Chinese no one can understand me, no one is willing to help, they don't want to help me.

So this time I decided to cut off my internet as will even though I have this internet connection in 9 years. Cox have a terrible customer service and NOW I AM SO DONE WITH COX COMMUNICATION.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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