I am a Cox Communications customer in New Orleans area for past several years for my high-speed Internet, phone and cable TV. 2010 has been the all-around worst experience I've had with regards to Cox.

The newest occurrence is that today I called to add phone service at my NEW home. The installation is scheduled for Sept. 18 and today is Sept. 9. Being that I do not have the phone service yet, I saw a promotion for Cox telephone at $9.99/month so called in to modify my phone service order with that promotion. The Cox rep told me she could not do that since the order had already been put in. So I asked her to cancel the order. She transferred me to another department, saying that she could not cancel the order, either. Once transferred, the 2nd rep heard my request for the 9.99 offer or else cancel, and she put me on hold. It has been 30 minutes, and I am STILL ON HOLD!!!!

I am entirely fed up with Cox and tired of being milked for every penny with their arbitrary rate changes, their *** promotions and their POOR DISGRACEFUL customer service. They have a long way to go to repair their reputation with me and other consumers. At this point, they will need to hire a marketing guru consultant to get their reputation back on track and keep their customers!


Bonnie Baber (Jeff Harmon)

3705 Henican Place

Metairie, LA 70003


Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

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