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Wow this company is the absolute worst. I bought a home & decided to get Verizon since it's only $50 a month & wasn't an option in my old neighborhood.

Disconnecting from Cox was quite a hassle as you can see from the statement below. They sent me a refund check for $46.33 then stop payment on it so I incurred a fee from my bank. I had returned there receiver box on 3/14/16 they sent me a letter saying they never received it even though I have the receipt & gave them the receipt number. They turned me over to a collection agency.

I refused to be bullied & pay. Tonight 11 months later I received another call from a creditor about this. I'm fed up.

This is unethical I feel completely harassed at this point. Where do we turn to get justice from this horrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I can top you on that one. I have a $100 amount one my credit report from AT&T because their accounting department is a bunch of idiots!

It's been 6+ years now, before I found out my ex was cheating and I divorced him, so maybe closer to 8 years. We got a new modem for our internet that they mailed us and than an installer came to the house and brought another modem. We sent the one back to AT&T and they credited one account $100, two tickets were open and than they charged the other one $100. So instead of them figuring this all out on their own, me explaining it to them 25+ times for so many hours, which would take a simple journal entry, zeroing each other out.

I have a negative mark on my credit and my ex is in that fricken house! So I understand your frustration more than you know my friend!!!