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I am not too with Cox internet at its too slow... We are paying 85.93 for bad net .

I don't like that one bit.. Our bill goes up and for what ???

This is getting out of hand.... If they keep lieing to customers then file a consumer complaint with your state Attorney General office..

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It is, at the very least, CRIMINAL the way COX COMMUNICATIONS is robbing the American public. I do not understand how they keep getting away with it.

Your bill is NEVER the amount you agreed to, they charge late fees before the DUE DATE. After hours of reporting these abuses, they claim it was an oversight and they will issue a credit to your account. WRONG.......they inform you it will take one to two billing cycles to correct THEIR errors, and then charge the customer two additional late fees of $20.00 each because you did not pay the $20.00 OVERCHARGE you did not owe anyway. My bill for 6 days of service included $9.66 for unlimited calls to Mexico!!!!

I have NEVER called Mexico. When I called them to inquire why I was charged for that, and I was told that PEOPLE IN CALIFORNIA NEED THAT!!!!!!!!! I DON'T live in MEXICO!!!!!.....I live on the Atlantic Seaboard..... Plus, as I mentioned, my bill was for only 6 days, and they charged ALL of their customary monthly rip-off fees if it is service for 1 day or 31.

Where are the governmental agencies who are funded to prevent these thefts from the American people. PLEASE, PLEASE submit any legal remedies available to customers if you have knowledge of steps to take.

PLUS, please submit the name of any company available who follows the laws of the land and doesn't cheat the consumer. Thank you.

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