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I recently signed up for a landline at my residence because Cox was running a special of free for 6 months and a $100 cash back rebate. It did state on the form that the check would take about 8 weeks to receive so I patiently waited.

At the end of 8 weeks I contacted Cox and spoke with a Leslie that assured me my check was on the way and had actually been mailed out the day before. One week later I STILL had not received the check and called again. Leslie did return my call but told me that due to the holidays mail was running slow and that it was in fact on its way (Even though a Christmas card from my family in MN can get here within 2 days and the checks are being mailed from Lincoln which is a 45 minute drive).

It has now been 4 days since I called the 2nd time and still nothing! I am going to turn off my service as this is a HUGE JOKE!!

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I bought 2 cell phones from cox was promised 2 $50 dollar visas for 2 phone and a $100.00 dollar one for cancelling my other phone and joinint there team 3 months now and I just recived only one $50.00 dollar time for the district attorney to take action whos with me


I never go back to businesses that do not follow through with their promises. Natalie sounds like a typical person that thinks people only do rebate offers because they need the money and not because it's smart or makes sense.

God said populate the Earth not stereotype others. :) SMH


Free money or not, its money promised to you. For all of you saying, get over it, because its free, shame on you. I hope you win the Lottery one day and have to wait forever to get your "Free Money" see the comparison?


Hmmm. Strange, I was with cox for 7 years, and I found about the $100 cash back deal, so I called and inquired about it, about 3 months later, I received the $100 rebate check, the only problem is, the check is not authentic, and depositing or cashing is impossible.

They send you a check for Citizens Alliance Bank, and the check is not watermarked, so signature lines on the back, no security markings, it looked like plain paper. Anyways, all the places including my own banks, said they can not honor the check, and I would have to go to the orinigation bank... Only problem, there are 5 locations. Once on the East Coast, and the rest in the northwest.

:( What a crcock.

A check that is no good! I have cancelled my services, and reported cox to the BBB with all the proof.


I ordered new services in January 2011. I received a rebate form a month later and did as instructed; I didn't even know I was eligible for one when I signed up.

I didn't mail the rebate to cox until April. Today is June 29th and a check for $200 shows being mailed today.

I had been checking the status frequently. Hopefully I get it next week.


I too signed up for the bundle and was 'supposed' to get the $100 after checking the website, it saids processing forever and I check it today says, I am non-compliant??? I have all my copies and read over everything and checked my copies to make sure I did not make a mistake, I did not, I have everything they requested.

I called Cox today, and offered to fax, etc all my copies...oh, sorry the offer has expired. What a joke!! I did what I was supposed to and now they are not doing what they are supposed to.

That $100 was the deciding factor on which cable, internet, phone provider we used. Sick of getting ripped off by companies, but if I am thinking of being 1 day late-WATCH out!!


seriously guys :cry me a river! if you read the fine print you can actually look at your rebate online as did i and know when it was coming to u.

an yes its FREE MONEY. if yoy cant wait 3 months for free money get a second job or stop having so many babies!!!!


SMH.. The rebate is FREE money being giving to you and it is a lengthy process.

you have to have the svc for 45 days BEFORE your rebate is even processed, after that they send the form (if required) then you recieve your pymnt after which can take 10-12 weeks. Keep in mind Cox has millions of customers and this was offered nationwide and so delays are possible.

But again.. IT's FREE MONEY!!


I've been waiting since Feb 2011 also, they like their $ on time.


I've been waiting since Feb 2011 also, they like their $ on time.


I have also been waiting for my rebate since March 1st. They always sends the bills out on time. Cox rebates is a setup to get you to subscribe


Hello is anyone listening to these people? I am also waiting since Feb.

2011. The rebate said they would pay by May 2011 what is really going on?


I have signed up for my cable & telephone service to get the $100 rebate & I mailed in all the paper work & haven't heard anything it's been 6 weeks. Can anyone give me a status.

They have no problems taking your order. Rebate dates were 01/01/2011- 0228-2011.

I'll have to call the BBB to complain too.


I also signed up for the Cox Cable bundle deal and was told that it would come with a $100 cash back rebate that would take 6 to 8 weeks to come. It has been 9 weeks since installation and I called today.

I was told that the rebate FORM takes 6 to 8 weeks to be mailed and that I would receive it soon and then it would take another 6 to 8 weeks for the rebate to actually come!!!

I'm ready to have my cable shut off today!!!! This has been BS ever since I signed up for the "deal"!!!


This CoxTech1 that keeps posting wanting your information on all sites with Cox complaints is very fishy. I could find no reference to the email address he gave on any of the Cox Communication sites and all their tech email addressed end with @cox.


4/13 Update: After being told for a week that the Rke Floor Supervisor would call, and no response to email sent to the corp office I filed a complaint with the BBB. I had a call from Cox within 24 hours.

She finally told me it looked like the original ck from March was mailed to the wrong address. (and yet for 6 weeks they kept telling me it was on the way). She said a ck was reissued 4/1 and mailed to me. As of 4/11 again no check rec'd.

She offered to credit my bill for the $200. I told her I wanted the rebate not a credit. She wrote me a check and I picked it up at the Roanoke Office. I don't know what the problem is with the company doing the rebates but I'll never sign up for any offers with Cox that involve rebates again.

The only way anyone else missing rebates is going to get a response is to file with the BBB.

It can be done online and took 5 minutes to complete. Good Luck.


Maybe some one will SUE Cox Cable...about this matter....


Contact this company....Young america corp.This is the company that handles the rebates for Cox Roanoke ,va and else where....Thanks




where is this rebate center,or what state??