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I was fine with cox until I moved. Set an appointment with cox the day I moved into my new house to install internet.

No show. That evening I hook up my router from my old house and it worked. Ok I thought. Several days go by and out of the blue one morning I get a call from a cox tech saying he is on his way to install.

Tells me my modem is the wrong one for this house. Tells me the speed I'm paying for won't work with this modem. Worked fine at the old house but whatever. He has one on the truck but doesn't have a battery for the back up, tells me I can stop by the cox store and pick one up.

I go the store and pick one up. I notice this new router is not very fast either. I go to the cox store and am told the router he installed is wrong and now needs and new modem and router as they don't make one that is combined anymore. So after I install myself, pay cox to come whenever they want to install the wrong equipment, install myself a second time.

Internet connection is still way slow. Paying for 300 on an ultimate plan getting may 35 download. Call tech support. 2hr later.

Told my problem is with wifi and they would have to charge me to come fix it and if it was the wifi was the problem they don't do anything with it. They don't even stand behind there equipment they sell you. Off to the cox store again to get the router replaced under warranty. Didn't work.

Still slow. Of course all this equipment and fees for installing the wrong stuff has sent the bill sky high and in the 3 months I have moved. I have been disconnected twice they said for not paying my bill. Even thought I have paid them close to $500 during this time.

My $99 internet connection has never worked at the speeds I'm paying for. The second time they disconnected me I took the modem and router back and told them I was done I would find another way. They said they don't refund equipment and that was mine, didn't matter if I had service or not. I cancelled my service at the store and made them give me a receipt that I returned the equipment.

Later that day I get a phone call from an automated system that they need to talk to me immediately about my service. Nice service cox you screw up and customers get pissed you can't call you have an automated caller call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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