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To any future customers, do yourselves a favor and move right on past this company! I was promised a $200 visa card if I signed up, but literally 3 weeks after they installed my services and by services I mean cable, Internet and a phone line.

I asked for something completely different from what I received but back to the $200 visa, by the 3rd week they still didn't have my Internet and email service up and running so I called to find out about it, when I was informed that I was late on my first payment so the visa card was void at that point, LITERALLY I am talking about 15 days. Since then I really can't watch cable because it is always out, so most of the time I have to watch Netflix or something streaming. They have been out 3 different times since I had them start my service. The guys that came out did as little as possible to get my service turned on, I had to change all the tvs, Internet keys, etc.

I called Cox about this topic and they confirmed that this was all they had to do! ! I've called so many different people in this horribly run corporation and the answer is always the same rude, *** disrespectful, unhelpful jokers of customer service and so called supervisors. So if you have any other choice, DO NOT SIGN UP with COX their $200 visa is a scam because they always "forget" to tell you that you have to pay the day you get service to get the card!

How convient is that? Customer service is absolutely no use to you after you sign up. I even called the representative that came to my house to sell me COX services and told him the problems i was experiencing and his response was "Oh! Sorry about that" and hung the phone up!

This company says one thing and does the complete opposite. I was supposed to be on a non contract policy, so I wouldn't be locked in for 2 years, come to find out that I was absolutely on a 2 yr contract .COX and it's representativea are SO much worse than at&t and in my opinion that is close to impossible! ! STAY AWAY FROM THESE IDIOTS!!

I basically pay $168 for internet, when it's working, which isn't what I was told my bill would be, I was told my bill was going to be $132 with all the bs fees and taxes. Once you've made the mistake of signing up, your basically on your own. They told me I would be breaching the contract if I cancelled before the 2 years is up. I want to know why it doesn't matter that they've breached the contract in so many ways and they don't have to pay me a cancelation fee?

Read all these negative reviews, they aren't being posted on here just for the fun of it, the 1 star reviews are on the COX reviews site also. Literally they are all negative and there is definitely a reason for them!! Please do yourselves a favor and move right past COX, with all the new streaming devices, find the cheapest cable service, make sure you have a great Internet bandwidth and stop paying such ridiculous prices for a whole lot of nothing and aggravation. I have to pay these theives a early cancellation fee to get out of this contract, which wasn't supposed to be a 2 year contract from the beginning!

! I couldn't be more irritated and unhappy with the service, customer service and scamming company than I am with this one

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Reward Card.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Many people take Internet/ Cable companies to Small Claims Court and win their cases. If you think you can prove in Court that you've been deceived and cheated, bring a lawsuit . I won easily against TWC years ago and got 4 years of Triple Play services for $99 per month because of their mistake .

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