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Cox Communications is the absolute WORST company I have ever worked with. They hike my rates several times a year, tell me I'm getting one internet service, but when I look at my bill, apparently I'm getting a more expensive one. Same for my cable. My internet speeds are WELL below what they promised - I have sent pings several times, and it is NEVER at the speeds promised. I even bought a new router, the one recommended by Cox, but it didn't make a difference on the speed.

My cable goes out weekly, so much for their promise that it's more reliable than satellite - and for those of you who were wondering, I called Cox every single time and they confirmed it was a known outage. Then they said they would pro-rate my bill and nothing happened. When I call, they act dumb and fail to acknowledge the fact that they even had an outage! Even when there is no outage, the sound will go off, at least once a day, on NickJr. Of course, it's ONLY NickJr that looses sound, and not all of the other 100 or so channels I'm paying for in order to get NickJr.

Plus, I just turned on my TV and noticed that yet again, they've moved more channels to the premium level, the level in which you must have a receiver plugged into the TV. The receiver that you 'rent' every month on top of the additional fees for the additional channels. And as you have to pay extra for the receiver, there is only 1 in my house, although we have 4 TV, because my bill would increase EVEN MORE!!! So, out of all the TV's in my house, only 1 can get over 30 or so channels. I pay $35 JUST FOR the 30 channels (2 of which are shopping channels, 1 is spanish language and 4 don't work. Ever. Not to mention all of the other charges for additional channels, and receivers.

They NEVER notify me, a faithful and good customer for over 10 years, when they move channels up to the premium level. They NEVER even notify my when my rates are increased.

I have called to cancel several times, but every time, they offer me free channels for 3 months, or free upgraded internet but now, as I have just checked my bill, I see that they upped the rates AGAIN and are charging me full price for the services they said I would get for free/reduced until Febuary. I'm moving in a month (unfortunately just across town, will still be in the Cox monopoly - and they know it) and I will not be paying them to transfer my cable - I'm getting Direct TV. Even after the 1st year specials wear off, I will still be paying MUCH less per month than I am currently with Cox - even with all of the taxes and fees - and get more channels!

Unfortunately, Cox is the only company here that has internet, and they know it. Freaking jerks, I wish our government would do something about the cable monopolies rural areas - because we are getting RIPPED OFF!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

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Where I live their *** service goes out at the same time everyday. Then they finally come check it out after calling to claim that they fixed it.

Only to have it go down again.

Its just ridiculous... its monopolies like these that just dont let anyone else succeed.


I've been a cox customer for 15 years without incident- until late 2015. We started experiencing variable internet.

I upgraded to 100mbps and it's been a nightmare with speeds sometimes at 6mbps hardwired. Cox blamed my hardware and not their service. I jumped through all their hoops and spent 3 hours on the phone with Apple. It was not my hardware.

ALSO, Cox representatives are inconsistent with the info they provide. I was initially told to purchase a modem of any type as long as it was a D3 to accommodate the faster internet speeds I would be getting. Well, the modem I bought wasn't compatible. So I asked "which one exactly should I purchase so I don't go through this again".

Guess what? The second one was wrong too. So I got on the phone for a total of 6.5 hours over 2 days, missed my dinner twice and thought I finally had a resolution. Cox was still saying the "signals" were fine.

I went to cox to swap pick up the 3rd modem. Guess what? This one I wasn't allowed to swap out. Well then why give it to me.

The representative wanted ME to pay for this by going to get a 4th modem. Mind you, I am still experiencing slow speeds. While all big corporations have incompetent customer service persons, this company has taken the cake at giving misinformation, blaming the customer, lying about its services, and not being accountable. I am currently waiting for my 4th modem to come by mail now after arguing with supervisor after supervisor to correct this problem and be accountable.

However, I am still getting variable speeds. I have changed all my equipment, checked all my hardware, and done everything asked and still get *** on by this company. SHAME ON YOU COX.

I will be downgrading my internet speeds as the 100mbps they advertise is a scam. Beware of this company and good luck.


Yes, COX in NW Arkansas brags of its internet. Screw getting on at night.

Even for their fastest package they constantly stall out. Should call it Suck Cox


Yea screw u cox! Im seriously going to find a really good lawyer and sue you witg everyone else!

You cant be pulling this ***! Your a scam! And ya why is it that your promised speeds arecalways hslf the speed promised? *** guys!

You wont have a company for long because its nit just onevarea its EVERYONE! What the *** are you thinking?


Cox doesn't promise speed. It states with speeds up to.

And your statement is so vague, It's hard to believe anyone with common sense would thumbs up your rant.

I wonder how your services are now years later? Bet your still with Cox!


Yup... COX sux!

Just to repeat.

outages without offering credits, poor customer service, 35 minute wait times, joke of an support automated phone system, *** equipment, deceptive practices on support and sales. *** Co.!

Can't wait to cut the cord. I will enjoy seeing these people lose their jobs!


I've had cox for 30 years and never understood the negative comments about them, but, sorry to say I do now. I've had a continuous problem with my TV pixelating and getting bumped off the internet.

It feels like a divorce. My grandson doesn't want me to change the internet, but I'm looking at direct TV.


I just cancelled Cox Cable. Never again.

Absolutely, hands down, the worst utility company I have ever experienced. Appropriately named company.....what a bunch of ***


I have lived in NYC, Chicago and LA. Yes Cox is hands down the worse cable company I have ever seen.

Where do we start - power outages without offering credits, poor customer service, old equipment, drug fused cable workers, .........caught the cable installer sleeping when I went out for 10 minutes. Left my house and never turned on the boxes, was there all day.

Rate hikes every year. Hey you want your cable boxes from 1970 back, come get them yourself for the $ 300 bucks a month.


been with co over 20,years now and they suck *** , cable glitches all the time, internet glitches i

pay for high speed internet what a joke, I call cause my bill keeps going up they said id save money if I bundle phone,they are a bunch of liars just trying to make a sale, what we pay to have cable on 4 tv's ,internet and phone is ridiculess, looking at other options now, they are no longer the only co. in town..


Cox cable is the PERCENT example of why we need to demand an end of monopolistic utility companies. They are abusing public goods and have zero accountability.



I'm sorry about the experience you've had. I can see why you're frustrated.

Let me find out what happened so I can make this right.

When you have a chance please email the details and account information (full name, complete street address, Cox PIN and either a link to your post here or a detailed description) to

Once your email is received, we will investigate and respond.

Thank you,


Cox Communications


Ive been calling Cox Cable for 2 years now because it takes me 10 minutes to check my e mail.Now I cant even pay my bill online because I have to log into my Cox E mail acct to do so and I sat here waiting for 10 minutes for the page to open. Why should I have to pay for a service that doesn't even work?


Yeah, Cox is a substandard company by ANY measure or comparsion. I worked in the cable business, so I know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm going to keep the internet, and go with Direct TV.

The people running Cox should fire themselves, but since they won't they should spend some time looking at Comcast to get an idea of how to run a company and provide services.

Terrible experience every single time I turn on the TV, operate any of their hardware (that they chose the hardware their providing is the first clue they have no idea what they're doing), go on their pitifully programmed website.

Customer service people and Cox Techs are good people. Pity they have to work for Cox.

Idiots who can't get out of their own way.


*** cox. They *** blow there service is so *** awful someone should just you know..Yeah.


I hate Cox!


25 min on hold, annoying arrogant operator, I was calling to cancel service so they are not interested in helping I guess. This company needs to crash & burn.

OH, they will file bankruptcy and everyone will be left holding the bag except the *** executives that will live on a fat pension. Clasic example of what is wrong with america and killing US, pun inted, but no joke, COC sucks, just enter that into Google and wa la a page exists!

Where is this going to end?

is someone going to fly a jet into the corporate headquarters? if so it won't be Jihad it will be someone who just had enough


They SO suck!!!! I really hate judge Judy,,,,,but Cox even beats her!!!

It is rare there are no problems". I am thinking,,could satellite actually be worse?? I doubt it....

To pay for this dis service is insane!!!! Pile of *** company!!!!


I agree that cox is one of the worse companies to work with. I have been attempting to reconnect my cable and internet after a relocation.

I have had cox many years.

I have always experienced POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RATE INCREASES ON A REGULAR BASIS. I will find another option or do without services before utilizing them as a service provider.