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Cox Communications is the absolute WORST company I have ever worked with. They hike my rates several times a year, tell me I'm getting one internet service, but when I look at my bill, apparently I'm getting a more expensive one. Same for my cable. My internet speeds are WELL below what they promised - I have sent pings several times, and it is NEVER at the speeds promised. I even bought a new router, the one recommended by Cox, but it didn't make a difference on the speed.

My cable goes out weekly, so much for their promise that it's more reliable than satellite - and for those of you who were wondering, I called Cox every single time and they confirmed it was a known outage. Then they said they would pro-rate my bill and nothing happened. When I call, they act dumb and fail to acknowledge the fact that they even had an outage! Even when there is no outage, the sound will go off, at least once a day, on NickJr. Of course, it's ONLY NickJr that looses sound, and not all of the other 100 or so channels I'm paying for in order to get NickJr.

Plus, I just turned on my TV and noticed that yet again, they've moved more channels to the premium level, the level in which you must have a receiver plugged into the TV. The receiver that you 'rent' every month on top of the additional fees for the additional channels. And as you have to pay extra for the receiver, there is only 1 in my house, although we have 4 TV, because my bill would increase EVEN MORE!!! So, out of all the TV's in my house, only 1 can get over 30 or so channels. I pay $35 JUST FOR the 30 channels (2 of which are shopping channels, 1 is spanish language and 4 don't work. Ever. Not to mention all of the other charges for additional channels, and receivers.

They NEVER notify me, a faithful and good customer for over 10 years, when they move channels up to the premium level. They NEVER even notify my when my rates are increased.

I have called to cancel several times, but every time, they offer me free channels for 3 months, or free upgraded internet but now, as I have just checked my bill, I see that they upped the rates AGAIN and are charging me full price for the services they said I would get for free/reduced until Febuary. I'm moving in a month (unfortunately just across town, will still be in the Cox monopoly - and they know it) and I will not be paying them to transfer my cable - I'm getting Direct TV. Even after the 1st year specials wear off, I will still be paying MUCH less per month than I am currently with Cox - even with all of the taxes and fees - and get more channels!

Unfortunately, Cox is the only company here that has internet, and they know it. Freaking jerks, I wish our government would do something about the cable monopolies rural areas - because we are getting RIPPED OFF!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Tv Service.

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In Santa Barbara CA Verizon DSL lines are faster than COX's supposed high speed cable.


Cox cable it's now time for you to sell the company to someone who cares about their customers


My husband when to the local Cox office and picked up a box under the understanding that this was the ONLY way that we could get HD channels. Our cable and internet is included in our rent.

So after 6 months of service, I look at the bill, which is in MY name, an we're being charged for the Latin and Sports package.

We were told that to add a HiDef box it was $8 a month but we paid the bill for $34+ for more than thee months (auto pay) so they cant refund. So to sum up- I never signed a contract and they suck!


I agree 100%. My speeds are fine 'most' of the time.

It's the outages that *** me off. The node has allegedly been replaced twice within one year in my area, the techs they have sent out to me so far were contractors and horribly new. Getting a decent CSR when I call in is a *** shoot. Some of them can be awesome, some of them extremely unhelpful and rude.

I'm not completely familiar with their procedures. Lately, they never admit to any outages in my area when I call in, but I usually sit on hold for about 20 minutes, doing the basic troubleshooting(hard resets, resetting the computer, etc), none of this helps. Miraculously, as soon as they finally pick up the phone, it starts working. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm guessing they send a hit to my modem before I get to a real person.

Fine, why not just do that the moment I call in? why is it necessary at all? WHY CAN'T I JUST GET WHAT I PAY FOR???? IT SHOULD JUST WORK!

IF IT DOESN'T WORK, I SHOULD BE REIMBURSED! For reference, I have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Netgear, which I had to fight tooth and nail just to get them to add to their *** "list". I also have a dual band wireless N router.

I'm holding up my end. There is no reason to have technical difficulties. It's frustrating. This world is frustrating enough without having to deal with this garbage.

We have limited options when it comes to internet, tv etc, and COX knows this.

If this happens again I will cancel my service. You have to stand up against this at some point or these companies will continue to take advantage.


*** poor service. My Internet runs like a dead turtle most of the time.

We go down with just a little wind.

All this for $53.00 a month. Verizon PLS wire my hood.


My wife and I have been with cox cable for over 3 years now. We have always paid are bill on time and been loyal customers. We even have the top packages they offer and a higher bill then most residential customers. We have had the same package for 2 years and some months costing us under $200.000

A few weeks ago are bill went up called and spoke to a rep about it. they adjusted the rate again to keep us under $200.00 next bill comes we owe $336.00

Called AGAIN they tell us sorry but someone miss informed you there is no way we can get your bill under $200 who ever told you that is wrong. Now they want us to pay the back fees and late fee even tho the rep said for the next 6 months we would be paying $190 something.

They refuse to help us and now want us to pay almost $400.00 for are current packages. Even after cutting some options off are package they can't get the bill under $240

Loyal customers NO MORE. Cox cable lies to there customers and they use deceiving rates to get the customer to add more options. There losings are business over a 70 rate increase

I would rather have a *** provider then be lied to. Be warned cox cable is crooked and they have a TON of service issues in 2012 we had over 30 service calls before they finally got it right.


I completely agree with you. Cox cable sucks!

For over a year now they keep changing my rates and then when I call to ask a question about it the people on the phone are always rude to me. The people in the store are just as bad. Unfortunately cox is my only choice as well because I live in Kansas and dish does not work here :/ otherwise I would have switched along time ago. Cox communications just rips people off because they can get away with it.

The people act like I need their service and I could not go on living without it.

NOT TRUE. these people need to learn what customer service is and LOWER the prices tremendously.


I am just fed up with Cox ! I have been a customer for 14 yrs now.

And of course have seen my bill climb ,climb climb even while I am a "Bungle Ease" customer.I have had to call numerous times over the yrs for some overcharge discrepancy or another making the name itself a joke .My latest dilemma is I/we qualify for the lower rate of internet service ,BUT can only get the discount if we /you have not been a customer for the last 90 days ! Does this company not get that peoples lives change .As I mentioned above we are in/have "The Bundle" so there is minimal changes that can be made without YOU the CUSTOMER not being penalized by this hence raising your bill.As I see it it my only choice is to disconnect my families service for 3 months & start completly over .I have a high schooler & 3 in grade school at this time as I am a now a Foster parent for the state of Oklahoma ,they/we need the internet in this day & age .We/I cannot be without internet service for 3 months as this is the main communication with social workers ,courts etc.Im so frustrated .



I am so sorry to hear you feel this way about our services. We will be more than happy to investigate your issues further however in order to do so, we will need more information from you. Please email us a copy of your email along with the account holders name and service address to

Once received we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,



Cox Omaha sucks - don't get Cox folks. The front end sales promises a package and price and then jack up the price the next day.

This is regarding my 70 year old parent. July 7 2014. I spent 3 hours on the phone and is still not right!

Use another service, not Cox folks. You will be sorry!

@lFck Cox


No wonder you're frustrated. I would be too.

Let me find out what happened so I can make this right. When you have a chance please email the details and account information to




You people must be *** your pants. People are canceling their services in droves.


I just cancelled my COX internet service. I was offered 30 percent off my bill for 12 months.

Still not worth it. I have a 30 GB data plan with hotspot enabled through ATT.

Speeds and price are wayyyyyy better. I suggest others do the same


Blow me c***. I just cancelled my COX service and will be using my hotspot from now on :)