Ever since my wife negotiated a new Cox contract for the Cable,internet and phone, Cox installed new Boxes with their highly touted Contour system. It freezes constantly, forgets a show you paused and forces you to rewatch from beginning with commercials (Free on demand).

The system doesn't respond half the time when you push a button on remote for page up, or down. If you stop a show to go to the bathroom, the system sometimes shows nothing under recently veiwed, system sucks to navigate, fast forward, pause and rewind respond differently depending on which channel or network you are watching on demand. picture will freeze, put the elapsed timer keeps going so you have no idea how far you fast forwarded to avoid the commercial or intro. When you restart a stopped program from the recently veiwed section you sometimes get sound and no picture, picture and no sound, or picture and a high pitched modulating screech that sounds like a voice synthisizer from some Hip-Hop music video that is unintelligible.

Cox has been to our house over 60 times over the years. Each time we get a different story on what is wrong, with no actual solution or resolution. Worse company there is. The right hand has no idea what the left is doing.

One Cox worker rewired our incoming box outside the house, next visit the technician claims WE rewired it to steal cable!

Absolute morons!!!! Cox sucks, Contour is the most bug infested shody software.

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Spot on. Terrible platform.

A complete joke. We can’t even watch half our channels. Supper always wants to send someone. Then someone shows up and they say the back end team needs to review.

Junk junk junk. It’s same platform Comcast has (Xfinity) but seems to be buggier for some reason.


He is correct!


Does anyone have an issue with the "wireless" contour box? We have gone thru 4 boxes now.

Randomly the programming will freeze, loop or skip several seconds. Sometimes you are unable to change the channel or you get the error message: "We are having a problem on our end" Cox has sent techs out to our apartment 5 times. We have replaced the modem twice.

Occasionally the modem will completely drop the internet. Anyone else have these experiences?


Hype. That is what this new contour is.

I am headed to the cox store for the third time this week for another box.

The contour boxes are dying each time. This is a potential fire hazard.


Cox cable sucks. Said we needed to upgrade to their contour system or lose service.

We got the new box- it didn’t work with our older tv, so they sent out a technician. They said that there wouldn’t be a charge since it didn’t work with the automatic setup. Got our bill this month and they charged us $75 for a service call. I am not a happy customer.

If they don’t straighten this out will be canceling service and go elsewhere.

They just keep raising rates too. Don’t fall for their specials and get stuck with higher bills every month


I hate Cox. They have screwed usbover since April 2018 eith that nonsense Contour.

My husband still does not have his email running right and they want him (force to pay in addition/mnth advance email system) on top of monthly cable fee.

And it is always dropping. SWITCHING TO DIRECT TV!!!


It's sad, but Cox is a lost cause. They are a failure at all levels and should sell to someone who will fix it...


Ugh!!! I’m having the same issues!

Since day one of having Cox service! So frustrating! What’s even more frustrating is now it seems like all of my shows are not free to watch last season. They want you to pay more for it!


Like we aren’t paying enough! For a service which doesn’t even work well!


cox worse service i have ever had they could not get away with their *** on east coast


Recently was forced to "upgrade" to Contour, aside from loosing all my recorded content, the new Guide totally sucks. Don't upgrade if you don't have to !

The new Contour channel guide is the worst and the audio part is a Joke. Really Guys maybe if you put some money into this product people would stay with you.

Gave up on them all together Sticking with over the air Free TV Internet. Seems to work a lot better.

to Anonymous #1590603

This is an understatement and the support team does not even know how the system works I’m 90 minutes into a support call and they are still confused


I agree... The contour DVR is completely lame.

I understand the effort to modernize devices but this DVR is very bad. The interface is very hard to use. Too many steps to obtain a results and there is no timer recording. Very sluggish.

When cable service is down you cannot watch the shows recorded on the hard drive, how dumb is that? Screensaver cannot be disabled completely, it has a max time of five hours, I guess the software designers think 5 hours is enough and you can't do anything about it.


It's 2018 and I've just gone through this experience recently, some additional useful features but the interface is clunky it's hard to do basic actions and the system seems to freeze at least several times weekly. Sure glad these guys don't make cell phones.





to JC PINCHECOX #1590605

It’s designed to be smart and not required any human intelligence, but then there is not ability to edit and manually change options. It’s sad!


Every time we go from watching Netflix back to contour, it says no signal. Checked all the cables and the input.

Have to reboot the system every time. What a pain


Multiple TC's. All services cut out.

Internet/phone don't work half the time . I rely on my house phone and this is a major problem. They refuse to credit our acct.

because we always have a TC pending so over a year of *** service and no one will do anything. GRRRRR.


Entering this, on the oft chance Cox reads this stuff...

We like the Contour system, but given the cost, the lack of reliable service is hard to accept. We have a main DVR and three satellite boxes.

We have had the DVR replaced twice (in six months) due to a multitude of problems, but those same problems continue and we are reluctant to waste any more time having the box replaced. Cox has redone every connection in our house more than once. They have replaced the splitters and redone the exterior connection. basically, every piece of hardware has been replaced or redone.

We get picture freezes, pixelation, lack of response to remote controls, false error messages, recording problems, and just one small error after another. About once a week we have to unplug and restart every box. After we do that, things seem to work better, at least for a week or so.

Cox will cut always your costs, if you complain enough.

We looked at dumping cable, but once we added up the cost of the various hardware pieces and services necessary to give us what we want, we were right back at the cost of Cox, with more hassles.

Anyway, if you came here because you are frustrated with Contour, rest assured you are not imaging things -- the system is flawed (big time).

to DD #1436126

Only used for a few days, already had a failure that required a service call. Have had Cox I san diego for 10 years, needed a new box every few years, the contour didn't work right out of the box, and 2 days after service call, started freezing. What an expensive piece of junk

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