Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Ever since my wife negotiated a new Cox contract for the Cable,internet and phone, Cox installed new Boxes with their highly touted Contour system. It freezes constantly, forgets a show you paused and forces you to rewatch from beginning with commercials (Free on demand).

The system doesn't respond half the time when you push a button on remote for page up, or down. If you stop a show to go to the bathroom, the system sometimes shows nothing under recently veiwed, system sucks to navigate, fast forward, pause and rewind respond differently depending on which channel or network you are watching on demand. picture will freeze, put the elapsed timer keeps going so you have no idea how far you fast forwarded to avoid the commercial or intro. When you restart a stopped program from the recently veiwed section you sometimes get sound and no picture, picture and no sound, or picture and a high pitched modulating screech that sounds like a voice synthisizer from some Hip-Hop music video that is unintelligible.

Cox has been to our house over 60 times over the years. Each time we get a different story on what is wrong, with no actual solution or resolution. Worse company there is. The right hand has no idea what the left is doing.

One Cox worker rewired our incoming box outside the house, next visit the technician claims WE rewired it to steal cable!

Absolute morons!!!! Cox sucks, Contour is the most bug infested shody software.

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Nothing has changed - we have the same issues.


I've had the same problems. Contour box drops out during a movie. I'm dumping Cox next month, as you pay a month in advance.


I wonder if I should switch to ATT Uverse...


I tried. They are unavailable in my area.

Cox has a minion. That is why they get away with so much.


I go trough same *** with my system, want to go back to fios, yeah they might have been a little more expensive but never had any of these problems and the quality of the picture was better and the speed of their internet was better


I have had the same problems and more with cox and its lemon "contour". The contour is so seriously flawed it's unbelievable, they obviously didn't work all the bugs out or any of them for that matter.

I warn anyone thinking of using cox to go with anyone but them. And choosing contour will be a huge miserable mistake.


I had TIVO for 3 years and had a lot of trouble with Cox provided cable cards and tuning adaptors. Finally, Cox sent out a technician who spend over 3 hours trying to solve all the issues, but could not.

She was the nicest tech I ever had.

She finally told me it most likely was in the TIVO box itself. She suggested the Cox Contour System, and we went with it. Both the Main Box and small Satellite Box she installed in the bedroom TV were both brand new. We really like all of the features much better than TIVO.

However we are having the same problems everyone else is with freezing pictures, slow operation of the guide, etc. We have to call in and have it rebooted every few days.

They wanted to send a tech out, but there is nothing wrong with my lines. A line is either bad or it's good. They don't work "sometimes".

From what I'm reading here, the issues are with the Cox Contour System itself. And no tech coming out to my house is going to fix lousy software. I, like everyone else, will have to live with this, until they fix whatever is wrong on their end with the system. God knows when that will be....

If ever.


Totally agree with what everyone has posted so far. Ever since we switched to this contour about 7 months ago it's been nothing but problems.

The remote freezes constantly then minutes later it decides to change channels on its own. The dvr is hit or miss mostly miss.

Either it won't record, won't playback or I just can't even get into it. Every time I call they reset and it works for about an hour, I guess that's a job well done to them.


Absolutely true summary of Contour! Seems Cox just loves to release hardware/firmware that has not been debugged nor tested thoroughly and reviewed by users.

In addition, banner length is a full 7 seconds for "short" and is quite annoying and usually useless. They should add "no" banner, and short should be 1 second, certainly not 7. Does Cox listen to its customers? I don't think so.

I think they make as much money as they can in every way that they can. Too bad because they have the tools to make an excellent product but constantly fall far short of doing so.


I was told today that management knows of the problem and they are working on it. Bull!!!

You have been working on with Cisco on serious design defects for over a year?!?!?! Why wouldn't you get together with Motorola and ask them to design a contour 6 record DVR? I see that these boxes are made in Mexico. I have absolutely nothing against Mexico, but when did it become a technology giant???

We've been with Cox for the majority of my life. Maybe if a mass existing customers was threatened, they get off their behinds and actually provide the costly services their customers are paying.


I wish that I had found this comment page before changing over too the contour box. The big question all of us should be asking, is this legal was Cox's is doing.

They clearly know there is a problem with they're Contour systems nation. But are still pushing a system onto the public, that is not up to standards for any paying consumer.

Another case of a Major Company, not caring about the little guy.....


For all of you who don't think there's norhing you can do because you signed a contract, well, you did sign a contract and as long as you're making your payments your meeting your end of that contract, however, if they're not providing you with the service as described in side of that contract then they are in "Breach of Contract" and you may terminate said contract at any time and there's not a *** thing they can do about it, in fact most of us could probably take them to small claims court to get a partial or full refund for services that they failed to provide you as stated in their contract. Breach of contract is looked at very unfavorably and is a civil issue under the law.


I love your way of thinking. Why don't we do something as a class action and force Cox and Cisco to grant relief.

I had a Motorola DVR for almost 20 years and I had one swap out 8 years after the first one. Rarely had any problems. It was due to age.

My second one died after 11 years, so I thought why not get a Contour? If I'd only known.


I can describe this in a few words, "DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING" & "BAIT AND SWITCH ". Last time I had a service tech out here he told me that Cox is aware of the issue and have been aware of it since it launched.

This makes me wonder why they're still promoting it so heavily when they know there's an issue and then still charging so much. I live in Wichita Kansas and on Monday I will be contacting the Consumer Affairs Division of the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office as well as the Better Business Bureau. I am also considering contacting the Wichita area Builders Association and letting them know exactly what's going on so they can recommend to future customers to use a different service and make the same mistake we did after moving in. So far I have two of the builders on board in this regard and they have a lot of pull with the other area builders and everybody's talking about it because everybodys experiencing it.

I wouldn't hold our collective breaths much longer for a response from Cox, all they're going to tell you is that a patch is on the way, that mysterious patch that never comes.

And it never comes because it does not exist. Just keep bending over and holding your ankles folks, it won't hurt much longer you'll get used to it soon.


I have to reboot my box every day now.


Well here it is September 2015 and I have the same problems with Cox Contour that everyone was reporting here in 2014. The system freezes constantly, even when you are just changing channels.

Same non-performace of the tech people too.

They were supposedly going to send their ace tech to fix our system - and he never showed. I'm about to *** the bullet and go with Verizon FIOS.


Well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with the Contour DVR box. I've had numerous spontaneous reboots, picture freeze-ups, and now the box is completely off-line, necessitating another service.

This equipment is a real lemon. I can't believe Cisco would puts its name on such a shoddy device!


I just bought my first house 30 days ago but my family has had cox cable since 1981, I believe, & have NEVER used anyone else. So I finally bought 2 HD flatscreen tv's for my new house after having tube tv's my whole life & I signed a 4 year contract with cox(all movie channels free for 4 yrs & free dvr box for 4 yrs plus the fastest internet & phone with free long distance).

I'm allowed one HD DVR box with all the perks but my other tv has to use the mini box with basic cable & no on demand. So me & my 8 yr old daughter are the only 2 living here & we only watch t in the basement on the HD box. Since we moved in 30 days ago, the HD box has frozen & not worked at all for 12 of those 30 days. techs came out 2 separate times & swapped boxes but still happens.

What do I do? How can a business legally charge you for services that don't work? So it's ok with cox that for the whole 4 year contract that I signed, they will charge me the full price even though my box doesn't work at all. Its been off for 6 days now.

So we have to sit in the living room and watch the *** basic stations(1-61 or something) if we want to watch tv? And what about the fact that we've been with cox since they started in 1981 & have never once used anyone but them in 34 years. I've heard customers say that they've told rep's for cox that they were leaving cox & are not finishing their contract & are told that they will be sue if they do.

Shouldn't cox be sued? I'm pretty sure that a contract is null & void if they can not provide the services they offer in said contract right?


We've been having some of the exact same problems. The last technician who came out said he's the guy they send out when no one else can fix it.

Sure, it seemed to be working great while he was here but now we're back to the same problems.

I'm so sick of Cox and all of their systems! I feel like billing them for 7 years of nearly unusable cable TV.


Contour sucks is an understatement