Ever since my wife negotiated a new Cox contract for the Cable,internet and phone, Cox installed new Boxes with their highly touted Contour system. It freezes constantly, forgets a show you paused and forces you to rewatch from beginning with commercials (Free on demand).

The system doesn't respond half the time when you push a button on remote for page up, or down. If you stop a show to go to the bathroom, the system sometimes shows nothing under recently veiwed, system sucks to navigate, fast forward, pause and rewind respond differently depending on which channel or network you are watching on demand. picture will freeze, put the elapsed timer keeps going so you have no idea how far you fast forwarded to avoid the commercial or intro. When you restart a stopped program from the recently veiwed section you sometimes get sound and no picture, picture and no sound, or picture and a high pitched modulating screech that sounds like a voice synthisizer from some Hip-Hop music video that is unintelligible.

Cox has been to our house over 60 times over the years. Each time we get a different story on what is wrong, with no actual solution or resolution. Worse company there is. The right hand has no idea what the left is doing.

One Cox worker rewired our incoming box outside the house, next visit the technician claims WE rewired it to steal cable!

Absolute morons!!!! Cox sucks, Contour is the most bug infested shody software.

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Well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with the Contour DVR box. I've had numerous spontaneous reboots, picture freeze-ups, and now the box is completely off-line, necessitating another service.

This equipment is a real lemon. I can't believe Cisco would puts its name on such a shoddy device!


I just bought my first house 30 days ago but my family has had cox cable since 1981, I believe, & have NEVER used anyone else. So I finally bought 2 HD flatscreen tv's for my new house after having tube tv's my whole life & I signed a 4 year contract with cox(all movie channels free for 4 yrs & free dvr box for 4 yrs plus the fastest internet & phone with free long distance).

I'm allowed one HD DVR box with all the perks but my other tv has to use the mini box with basic cable & no on demand. So me & my 8 yr old daughter are the only 2 living here & we only watch t in the basement on the HD box. Since we moved in 30 days ago, the HD box has frozen & not worked at all for 12 of those 30 days. techs came out 2 separate times & swapped boxes but still happens.

What do I do? How can a business legally charge you for services that don't work? So it's ok with cox that for the whole 4 year contract that I signed, they will charge me the full price even though my box doesn't work at all. Its been off for 6 days now.

So we have to sit in the living room and watch the *** basic stations(1-61 or something) if we want to watch tv? And what about the fact that we've been with cox since they started in 1981 & have never once used anyone but them in 34 years. I've heard customers say that they've told rep's for cox that they were leaving cox & are not finishing their contract & are told that they will be sue if they do.

Shouldn't cox be sued? I'm pretty sure that a contract is null & void if they can not provide the services they offer in said contract right?

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #992679

We've been having some of the exact same problems. The last technician who came out said he's the guy they send out when no one else can fix it.

Sure, it seemed to be working great while he was here but now we're back to the same problems.

I'm so sick of Cox and all of their systems! I feel like billing them for 7 years of nearly unusable cable TV.

Mission Viejo, California, United States #955742

Contour sucks is an understatement

to Anonymous Irvine, California, United States #1319947

Another Mission Viejo resident here who had tried Contour the first version, I experienced every problem that has been mentioned here. Was thinking of trying the "Contour 2.0" but now I'm not sure I want the grief of calling Cox tech 4-5x per week and having a technician visit my home 3x a month

Wakefield, Rhode Island, United States #952027

we the frustrated contour whole home customers deserve more transparency from cox on these known issues. We are paying for your premium product and getting nothing but a horrible inconsistent experience.

the combination of inconsistent installation quality, less than honest support on the phone and here in the forum, and frequent disruptions for our family had made contour a major pain point. We feel locked in due to the fact thAt we cannot swap out the DVR withou losing all our recordings.

Even when the system is responsive the DVR is less functional than your non-contour DVRs. Maybe in 2015 there will be a way to see which shows have not been watched yet.

Ya know like on the legacy DVRs you still sell?

maybe we can have the main DVR show TV when it is turned on instead of a black screen a few times each week.

It may be time to just cancel contour service or cox altogether.

There's no way I am paying an early cancel fee either.

Cox Contour whole home DVR has been a colossal failure and waste of my money and sanity. Step up, Cox, and come clean on the known issues and time table for their correction so your customers can make an informed decision to deal with the frustration or move on to another DVR option.

Fountain Hills, Arizona, United States #887842

Contour is absolute garbage. With Cox three months, on the third master box. DirecTV is getting our business.

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States #873357

Contour is not ready for prime time. The system was developed by Cox and has too many software issues and should not have been offered to the public.

Cox continues to say they are working on the issues but I don't see any fixes for the numerous problems anytime soon. They continue to take our money for an inferior product and offer us nothing in return. Their response to my weekly complaints is to stay the course, we are working on the software issues. It appears that they want us to suffer through there growing pains.

My only option is direct TV which appears at this time to be far superior. I'm giving Cox another month to fix the issues (picture freeze, lost recordings, rewind and search problems) if not I'm switching to Direct TV.

to juice #877818

I was recently told by a Cox rep that Contour has some serious software problems that only Cisco can fix -- program freezes, rewind/ff variable speeds, failure to record, disk crashes, failure of server/client connections, etc. Based on that info, I decided to stick with my DVRs and wait until Cox and Cisco get their Contour act together (if they ever do!).

to juice Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #947640

I am having problems again with the main box. If they replace it, it will be the 4th main box

in 3 months.

It usally takes a week for the right tech to find the real problem.

It seems to

change each time a new tech comes out. I am really getting tired od losing all my recorded shows.


I have the same problems as reported above. The box is constantly frozen, I can't get guide or recorded shows. Can't change channels half the time


Multiple problems with this service from Cox, doesn't pause live tv, we keep getting an error saying "experiences technical problems try again later" so tired of the same problems

Meriden, Connecticut, United States #834188

Cox Contour is not recommended we have nothing but problems since April. They suck and we have had numerous cox people here and they blame each other.

Here I sit tonight with no cable at all.

Think I will be canceling soon and go to something else. I am totally fed up after 38 years!!!!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #823929

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