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Lately cox email is down or just wont work/ They shoils go back to the

old E mail that worked! At night when I try to check my E mail I get

the response that this site cant be reached!Your Email is to short {{Redacted}}

This day is getting to be to long what about tomorrow or the next day or week or monthYesterday was not a holiday and it kind of sucked just like cox email {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Email Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Cox is the WORST webmail provider I've ever seen! Their spam filters are non-existent, and when I try to delete the hundreds of emails that flood my in basket daily it takes the system forever to delete them.

And trying to delete spam and empty your trash bin is a joke.

Plan on spending the entire day doing it. Their customer service is a joke as well, most likely located in some foreign country where they can get away with paying their help peanuts.

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