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Cox said they would automatically send me a $100 gift card after 3 months upon signing up.

After signing up you find out you have to actually "claim the card" after the 3 month window which I am sure most people do not do as they will lose the validation number.

I managed to submit the claim, they sent me a confirmation number for a gift card and even offered a tracking number. They claimed the gift card was sent on October 20th. I never received a card.

Upon calling they said the card was "lost in shipping" even though it said delivered and said they would send another expedited.

After calling them again, they now say there was never a second card sent and they did not know what I was referencing.

Now they say I have to go into a cox office in order claim the Visa card.

Cox is running a legitimate scam with this and defrauding consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Gift Card.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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This has happened to me too! I have called and called.

They finally replied and tried to blame it on a recent move!

Then when I finally said they were going to send it after 3 months I have to wait another 6 to eight weeks. I seems like a scam to make you forget about the card!


Our apology for any inconvenience our customer may have experienced. It is certainly not our intention to cause any frustration.

First of all, I've never heard of Cox reps promising customers a $100 gift card. This is not correct. What I have witnessed is a rep stating that the address where the services are to be installed at qualifies for a $100 gift card with the bundle. Yes!

There's also loyalty customer gift cards. One thing I can say for sure is Cox is a knowledgable company. They want to be more than your entertainment provider. They want to be your friend, your neighbor.

So before you bash the company for something a rep had said or done, try going to cox.com/learn and do the research yourself, before you call in. When you make a purchase decision do you read thru all the offered info carefully, YES. By the way. Your monetary loss is wrong, don't ya think?

You gotta have something to lose.

In this case you had nothing so you lost nothing and nothing equals, u know......word. I thank you for being a loyal customer!


Same thing happened to me. Was promised the $100 gift card and even called to see when it would arrive.

I was told to just wait 3 months and it would arrive in the mail, its been 12 months and I still haven't received it. I'd never recommend anybody do any business with Cox but unfortunately they are the only ISP in my area.