I called COX and informed them that I would no longer need their service because of 10.00 increase that would be attached to my bill. They explained that it was because of increases that I did not have part in in the past 2 years because of my promotion. They stated I would be bumped up to their fastest internet service. I told them I didn't want it if it increased in my 189.00 bundle.

I then called QWEST and recieved a new bundle 139.00. QWEST came 3 days later along with DIRECT TV hooking my services.

Two weeks later a COX tech came to my home explained that he was to disconnect the cable from the pole behind my home. The tech put a ladder against my house and cut the telephone cable coming out of the QWEST box marked clearly.

I called COX and informed them of what happened to the phone line. I informed them that they had no right to cut anything attached to my home QWEST put in their own lines all the way from the pole. They were very rude real *** They refused to fix stating the line belonged to them.

The tech although he asked permission to access the pole in my yard did not have permission to vandle the lines on my house, nor did he inform me that he had just cut the lines coming out of the QWEST box. He just left.

COX told me after 3hours of waiting to tell QWEST to repair it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Left direct tv for Cox TV,phone and wireless bundle.ACox tech arrived and got the tv part of bundle working.He was supposed to call and finish the install,claiming server problems in Atlanta,he never called back.I set up wireless and phone service myself.Ineeded the phone at a different room.Another tech showed up and ran acable using bare wires,no rj11 only 2 twisted wires.My wireless service stopped working.He claimed my eqipment was faulty and he had no knowledge of computers.I could not setup wireless anymore after phone line was moved.I've been in computer field for 30yrs.My laptop connects fine in other locations away from my home.Cox needs real techs. that don't leave customer site until all works.Recieved my first bill and still no wireless connection at home.Cox:hire real techs!


Actually, he did have a right to cut your cable lines. They are Cox property not yours.

When you signed up for service, the fine print stated that they have FULL access to your house in regards to their property. As for cutting your QWEST lines, that is a different story. When I worked in the legal department for Cox in Kansas, we had problems with SBC attaching their lines right next to Cox lines because the HOT POINT had already been established by Cox, so there was not as much work to be done. When our techs went out, they cut all the lines going into the house through our established HOT POINT since these were supposed to be Cox lines not SBC lines.

At this point, it was SBC's responsibility to re-establish their lines since they illegally entered into the house through another companies hot point. Not say you are wrong, but you can't be so quick to say it is Cox's fault just because you are upset about a rate increase.

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