I live in Henderson, NV. When I ordered Cox HSI and TV in 2010, it was bad from the start. On the TV, PPV never worked, the guide never worked, and several channels were fuzzy, tiled, or not there. The installer called the technical support rep. He handed the phone to me. They were unable to resolve the issue. She literally said "We don't know what's wrong. Oh well."

"Oh well"

In December 2010, I started having a lot of internet issues. Xbox Live wouldn't stay connected. Netflix was constantly changing resolution, buffering, and dropping out. Youtube became useless. Anything that needed decent, sustained bandwidth was useless. Having been with cable internet since the 1990's, I knew the routines on how to check my side of things. Try different PC's directly wired into the modem, try different outlets, only have the cablemodem in an outlet, remove any splitters, etc. Nothing worked. Then I made THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ONE COULD POSSIBLY MAKE: I called Cox customer support.

I followed up with every provider I had. All of them said They were seeing problems from Cox. I ran a lot of diagnostics and detected throttling from Cox. I also saw DoS attacks from Cox in my router logs. I checked with neighbors. None of them now have Cox because they went through this as well. My 12Mbps service was actually 1 Mbps service that dropped every 1-5 minutes. Every time I called Cox, they were rude, lied, refused my data, and said the problem was on my end.

One of my favorite calls to Cox was to this rude, teenage *** who wanted me to test on Cox's internal test page. On the quick ping test, almost 12Mbps for A SECOND. I said let's try the 3 minute test. He said that wasn't valid. I asked "Does 12Mbps mean 12 Megabits for only that second, or every second?" He was silent. I ran the test, and it averaged 1.3. At first, he was suggesting I wasn't telling the truth. I offered him a screenshot which he refused. He then switched gears and said it was the web site that was throttling. I replied "It's your internal testing site. Why would you throttle customers on your own site?" No response, other than "We don't see a problem"

When I was cancelling, the rention specialist was asking how can Cox make this right. I asked if Cox had lifted a finger to resolve this. She was silent. I asked if Cox would provide me the services I am paying for,. She replied with an offer for 6 months 1/2 off of my regular bill. To me, that says "We can only provide you 1Mbps internet that drops off, and you won't be able to use it for much. Also, we can only provide you shoddy TV as well. But were going to bill you for 12Mbps service, and all these channels you aren't receiving."

I refused that BS, and cancelled. I have new providers. The service is superior, works as advertised, and has yet to have a single glitch. Xbox Live, Netflix, Youtube, etc. all work flawlessly with my new provider. I didn't need to change a single thing with my home network. I receive all the channels I am paying for perfectly with my new service.

I went through a YEAR of jumping through hoops, spending hundreds of dollars on this, and being treated like dirt by these people, only to find out in the end it was nothing more than fraud to begin with.

STAY AWAY FROM COX IN HENDERSON / LAS VEGAS. There are better options available, and they are a LOT cheaper.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $132.

Location: Studio City, California

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Can you get out of a two year contract, I did not realize I was signing up for that long, it has been one year of dissatisfied service.


I actually pay extra to Cox here in Henderson for their fastest internet speed, yet I get 2-3Mbps, rather than the 20-25Mbps I am supposed to be getting. I actually had CHarter in my last place in CA and remember complaining because I was only getting 15Mbps instead of 20Mbps.

They sent a guy out who trimmed each cable end a tiny bit if necessary and when he left, I was getting over 25Mbps all day long! I had no idea how GOOD I really had it! :(

Cable companies have a monopoly on the people in their area, let's face facts! If I hate Cox and think they can *** on one, what's my alternative?

DSL? T1/T3 lines? As if!

But you can't switch cable companies. It's a bad situation.

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