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Cox cable company is monopolizing areas even though monopolizing is supposed to be illegal; while price gouging customers. There should be a protest against that because how is it that you only have one option for cable; while it’s only 2 cable companies anyway.

As a human being with rights I have the right to choose which cable company to go with but due to greed we have no choice. I have one cable box, no premium channels, and there are about 100 other cable channels that I do not have and Cox is charging me over $200. This is highway robbery and I have had cable with many other companies and never paid that much for that less. Robbery!

The DVR box does not record shows and do not fast forward through other shows that actually did record. The internet is extremely slow and I have never had internet service where it has to buffer sometimes before playing video or movie or buff continually throughout. That was back in the DSL days but I am actually paying a little over $160 a month for these services. Plus they say I am saving over $50 with the bundle package which makes their original cost over $200, and that is a crying shame.

Cox owes all of their customer’s money for over charging because the services I receive are not worth $100.

This is so sad money hungry people, boy *** is gone be full! I am looking for some credit in the form of a check from Cox for making me have to choose them under duress due to the fact the only option is them or you have to pay apartment hundreds of dollars for a satellite dish; so I had to choose Cox.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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The same practice in Oceanside, Ca. with no plans to offer other solutions.

They know it and will continue to keep doing it. I've been a customer with Cox (Unfortunately) for 18 years. My only other solution is AT&T DSL, with no plans of installing fiber in our area.

Until someone want's to go after Cox via a class action suit, nothing is going to change. They are unethical and very deceptive.