Expect an IS THE WORST: Please read this!


I told Cox I was taking a break from they're internet service. They made a big fuss about it.

(My tech guy said to get Tmobile's internet because it's way faster & it would take cox millions to catch up)


Today (April 8, 2022 im paying $174 for cable) I told my father to watch & see how Cox makes it difficult to leave their cable..

I was on the phone for almost an hour telling them I'm leaving their cable, they had the audacity to ask me: What are you going to do about cable then?! I said it's none of your business to ask me that, however I said I'm tired of price rises because we only have regular channels. The Cox Guy said I have HBO, Starz, Showtime & Max. I said no, I never ordered those channels.

He said I've had them since I got rid of internet.

I told him I never Ordered or Gave Permission to have those Channels.

He Did Not Deny that Fact about the Channels I didn't Order -Yet Argued on -If you leave you will lose your loyalty plan and can't do anything about if you come back.

(There's more than what I'm saying right now but everyone should get the point. Cox loyalty is only they're pockets)

User's recommendation: Expect an argument if you leave them.

Cox Communications Pros: No resolution for multiple months.

Cox Communications Cons: I was given high priced channels i never ordered.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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