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For the past few months, Cox Communications has increased my monthly service fee each month. When I contacted their (lack of) Customer Service, the attitude of their agent was "our fees have gone up...

deal with it" - when I asked to speak with a manager, I was told "they're just going to tell you the same thing". I received an automated email response from Cox telling me that they "care" about their customers and that someone would get back with me - that was several days ago and to date, nobody has attempted to respond. Why is it that there is one ONE cable service provider for my area?

If my memory serves me, I had thought that MONOPOLIES were against the law.

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Oh and My favorite part, as the 'customer' is screaming at me, when you say that you might as well go to another company. I do not care.

Trust me, you would get a lot more credits and things like that if you were nice. Once you are rude and complain about everything, I don't care about helping you anymore because your probably just a terrible person anyway.

They are still going to get paid the same whether you leave the company or not, by all means, if your never going to call back again... go ahead.


I absolutely love how they have a website for people to come on and complain about everything! It's great!

I also love when people decide to call in acting like complete jerks who don't realize that when if you call in with an attitude because your tv has a little bit of tiling and now your life is ruined because you can't sit on the couch, eat and watch tv; that the voice on the other line in technical support is actually a person, and that you most probably ruin their day a little bit more. I guarantee if you treat them like people(like the people who call in supposedly are, even though they act disgusting) then you will get a lot more help and empathy. You really find out how horrible people truly are, and how they were obviously not raised to have manners and courtesy. I just want to be like "seriously?" I cant fathom that people are so ignorant and dumb.

I would expect the same thing from teenagers and children but these are grown women and men. I just hope that when you rude and fowl people decide you need to take your anger out on the technical support rep who is just there to help you and get your 'issue' resolved, that your ignorance, language and just plain hostile ways probably ruined someone else's day.

I would much rather have no internet service then have to hear these jerks again. So you try it for a day, and then have the heart to call in and act the disgusting way that you do.

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