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Subscribed to Cox in December.Installer took 8 hours, had no idea of how to do his job and also left a mess, wires everywhere, had to get someone to fix his mess. Was told would bury cable within 2 weeks.

One month passed so we decided to call them to see when. Told 2/7/17. Stayed home all day waiting for call/appearance. No one called or showed up.

Called Cox to inquire where their people were. Now said they would bury cable 2/13. Did not dispute 2/7 original date and not sure why no one notified us of this change. Spoke with supervisor who just apologized like he was reading from a script.

It is now 2/14 and we heard nothing again.

Will file complaint with state and federal oversight agencies over how they conduct business. We must have more competition so they at least try to improve!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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same problem. cable has been above ground 27 months and it is not my service.

called Atlanta. Absolutely useless. today is 2/13/2017.

FCC is too political. they are in bed with providers.