I just found out that when Cox reboots your modem it automatically turns the Cox voicemail from Off (customer preference) to On. In so doing, the Cox voicemail system confiscates calls that should go into the user's phone's voicemail system and not Cox's. Having two voicemail systems for the one phone creates a huge conflict in the user's phone system. Cox acknowledges this but is not changing its policy. I have made the following recommendations to Cox that several of their own employees have endorsed, and I hope the FCC can step in so that Cox does not railroad its own customers:

When Cox solicits customers or they call for phone service, Cox informs the prospective customer that its voicemail system - which is bundled together with the phone service - can interfere with the customer's own phone's voicemail system. Thus, the Cox voicemail system should be optional and not bundled with its phone service.

Cox had an enormous problem on my account because there was a technical problem for me to access my voicemail messages both online and by phone due to a glitch when one reaches the "Settings" stage of Cox's website (error messages given on both the phone and website blocking access for both the customer and Cox reps who were authorized to get in). It has taken one month (!) to resolve this issue, finally, but then...

The above modem issue occurred wherein its reset automatically turns the Cox voicemail service from Off, which I did to prevent the above-mentioned "clash" of voicemail services -- I want my voicemails going only to my phone voicemail -- to On, without my approval! This can have major negative implications when you think about it, especially because the customer is not informed when this change is made. The Cox voicemail system should have Off as the default, not On when the modem is reset. Not sure if what Cox did is illegal - reversing the customer's desire to have it turned Off, but this seems to me to be at least unethical, customer unfriendly, and unprofessional.

Cox should reach out when it has a problem of this magnitude - either internally which it did not do for its own techs who may have dealt with this rare situation before re: the voicemails - and/or externally perhaps to FCC or others to advise that the company cannot resolve this issue, which is still not resolved. No cover-ups from Cox, please!

In addition to the above, Cox's actions have caused my phone "In-Use" light to flash repeatedly even when the phone is not in use. Cox's modem also flashes in synchronicity with this. I have never seen this happen before and I have had the same exact phone system for over a decade. Cox cannot explain this, either.

The FCC and others should investigate whether there is some external perhaps rogue force trying to break into the USA telecom system, and perhaps found *** in Cox's There are too many errors here that Cox itself cannot explain or eliminate. Several Cox techs have told me by phone that they have never encountered a situation like mine in the many (some 20+ years) they have been with the company. Note, too, that all I have is one landline phone, one TV and one DVD player, with no computer. Cox sent out two techs and they both agreed this is exclusively a Cox issue. The first tech came out in early May because Cox sent insufficient equipment for the phone hook-up, and the second tech came out two weeks later because there was a clear problem with the voicemail system as described above. Cox tried to charge me for the second tech call - which was clearly previously identified as a no-charge due to Cox creating this issue - but I got that reversed out. I see there are a lot of complaints against Cox online with exceptionally low ratings across a number of different issues. I believe the FCC needs to step in here and/or escalate Cox's issues to the appropriate agencies to protect the customer from such poor service and billing practices.

As I have told many reps to put into the notes, my comment about Cox is, "Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" I have only been a Cox customer for 1 month! This is the worst service I have ever received. There is something wrong with Cox and it needs to be investigated. I'm not sure it should even be in business as currently constituted. Contact the FCC and Attorney General and let's show Cox who's boss.

User's recommendation: Cox Has Nice People But Terrible Service -- Avoid!

Preferred solution: Letter of Apology, full refund for the terrible service, and compensation for wasting my time with the company's incompetence..

Cox Communications Pros: Friendly employees.

Cox Communications Cons: Service is awful, Bundled voicemail in phone package clashes with yours, Modem resets will turn on cox voicemail without your permission, Cox listens to good ideas but does nothing, Overcharges hoping you do not notice so watch your bill.

Location: San Diego, California

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