With all the choices for communication services in competition of each other I have discovered all have hidden fees especially when they add in home telephone service...911 FCC state maintaining the lines etc. They all do it.

Transfer that landline number to a prepaid no data phone for 25 a month. Cancel the tv why pay for tv when there are so many options to watch for free like PLUTO, TUBI, XUMO, and free HD locals up to 100 channels if you invest in a good antennae. Get rid of that dvr service. why dvr everything when Hulu is only 5.99;a month if you can wait and extra day to watch your favorite program.

Dont call in and get the runaround go into a corporate location where employees are not being recorded and are happy to help reduce your bill. Unless your a gamer why are you paying for super fast internet because you were told you needed a faster speed to stream tv. That is also incorrect stick to your guns and insist on a lower cost plan. It will stream just fine if 10 mpbs or higher.

Did you know you can stay out of contract by paying a extra 10 a month? They fail to inform you of this. Did they tell you can save additional money and eliminate a rental equipment fee by purchasing your own router/modem. Its time to join the 20th century and take control of your situation.

I have cox internet. It is excellent. I never have to reboot my equipment.

This Black Friday I will invest in my own equipment and save another $10.99 a month Ive included a screenshot of Pluto where you get 250 channels for free. So I have to watch a occasional commercial, I used to pay for them.

User's recommendation: Ditch the land line quit paying for tv channels invest in a good antennae a smart tv or Roku and keep internet only 10 mpbs to 150 mpbs to keep cost low.last visit the store to get a new promo or adjustment.

Preferred solution: Help people save money.

Cox Communications Pros: People on the phone are very nice.

Cox Communications Cons: Any of this.

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