Cox Communications systematically steals customer money for non-exsistent equipment when accounts are closed.When my sister passed away, they charged me over $500 for equipment that didn't exist when closing her account.

Since they donot provide receipts or any serial numbers on their bills there is no paper trail for their equipment to prove one wayor the pther. They threatened to ruin my credit rating, so I paid up. I also returned every piece of equipment on my own account, dropped to internet only and purchased my own modem. Could NOT get an itemized receipt for the purchase.

What legitimate company does not provide itemized receipts???. I just closed that account and AGAIN have bogus equipment charges on the final bill. For an account that had absolutely no Cox equipment associated with it. Customer service put me on hold for 15 minutes and then just disconnected.

I expect I will get the same run around and threats of being reported to the crdit agency for nonpayment if i dont pay the extortion yet again. This is IN ADDITION to charging $50 when my stolen credit card ( thanks target) couldn't be updated on their website due to system errors until the day AFTER my bill was due. This "service charge" was more than the entire bill and was charged without any warning.

Quite a nice profit maker for this thieving corporation.Monopolies SUCK and Cox is about the worst.

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Springfield, Virginia, United States #782117

Charged for a cable box that I didn't have I have had Cox for years, and would tell people how much a great deal it was.About a year and a half ago my DVR was acting choppy so I took it in and got a replacement box.

Around 9 months later the last week of November 2013when I moved out I stop service and returned the one box that I did have. The customer service rep asked me where the second box was at. I informed her that I only had one box. She was new so her manager stepped in and said it shows here that you have two boxes but were only getting charged for one.

He said he would open a claim and look into it. And gave me a receipt showing I had two boxes and one was returned. A couple week later I get a letter saying I owed $186 dollars for not returning equipment. I once again called and the customer service rep said that it shows I had two boxes and that I was only getting charged for one.

He said that he didn't see any claim written by the local office showing that it was being investigated and that he would look into and start the paper work himself. A couple weeks letter the phone calls and letters kept coming so I called customer service again and spoke to a young lady who said she would put in a notice to stop calling. And that she would look into it. And she said the same thing again about it being investigated.

And that she would call me back personally.Last week I received a letter from collection stating that my account had now...

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That is certainly not the impression or Cox experience we want for any of our former and current customers.If I were in your shoes I'd be very upset too.

I truly do apologize for any frustration and aggravation you may have been put through. When any equipment is being returned, COX will print you a receipt for the equipment being returned, providing the date and the serial number on the receipt.

If you would allow me the opportunity, I would like to get to the bottom of this for you.

Could you e-mail us at cox.help@cox.com and provide the service address so that I am able to review this for you.

Thank you,

Shashi B.

Cox Social Media Support Specialist


Wow pretty dumb you do not have to pay the bills of someone who is dead.They cannot put it on your credit if it is in her name.Compaines will lie and say that to extort money out of you but do not pay one cent once you pay then it is your debt.That is the law just about every where.Now if it was your spouse only then you might be held lieable that depends on what state you live in.

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