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First, I'd like you to close your eyes for a minute and think about what it might be like to have the crappiest internet service imaginable. Good. Now take that thought and double it. Great. Double it a few more times. Congratulations, you're almost at the level of epic fail that Cox Communications is at every day.

Would I recommend Cox? I would go out of my way to recommend to anyone I could that they should use any service EXCEPT Cox. Hence, why I am writing this. I'm trying to save the world from an unmatched amount of frustration and rage. Cox is reliable in one way, and in one way only - the service it provides is reliably unreliable. I have had countless Cox professionals come to the house in an effort to fix their tragic service with little to no success.

Not only that, Cox's marketing skills and common sense are heavily lacking. What sets me off the edge is if/when I finally get a rare 10 minutes of working internet (if it even stays up that long), and I attempt to watch a YouTube video (usually one in which I've been waiting all week to get enough service to watch)...then, before the video starts, I have to waste a good 30 seconds of my life watching an incredibly dumb and obnoxious Cox ad about how Cox thinks it's everything it is clearly NOT. Every time I see an ad for Cox it makes me want to blow up the screen with dynamite. Of course, I'm aware that it is not my technology's fault for terrible service, but the level of good service I would receive if I did decide to blow everything up (i.e.: none), would hardly differ from the amount of good service I receive with Cox. Maybe Cox should spend less money on trying to put up a front through utterly annoying ads and more money on working to not be a completely useless company.

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