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My 88 year old mother's Cox bill steadily increased over time to $205 per month...mind you for BASIC channels, nothing fancy...this is a ridiculous amount to pay...sooo I went with Direct TV...no installation fee and $50 per month...all the channels you could want! Called COX to cancel the cable and reduce the home phone to basic...the lady just wouldn't go quietly...she said oh I have a great package for you - all the channels for $255 per month...ummmm aren't you missing the point, the idea was price in the first place???

Then she tries to sell me an app to watch TV from my phone...I said no thanks...she put it on there anyway so I found out on my next bill! I couldn't get her off the phone! So when I discovered the app had been added, I called back and had it removed; this rep didn't understand why it was put on and kindly reduced my bill. Beware though when you revert to basic home phone because they will nickel and dime you for every call, even calls in your own area code!

And if you unbundle, they try and increase the internet cost also! This company is shady to put it mildly...I cancelled my service over 3 years ago and they sent me to collections for $44 that they negociated off my final bill wtf?

Can't trust them! Now they have employed a recovery company and have re-reported it on each credit bureau this month...and I have been told by several reps that the notes are in their system and the bill should have been closed out in 2014...called again last nite and was told they can't do anything that I owe the money...I told the rep to go ahead and have Cox waste their money to recover $44 how comedic and downright ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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