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Had a Cox account for many years under my husband's name. My husband moved out in May 2019 and I continued to pay the Cox bill from my own individual account.

Our divorce was final in October 2019 and in November my now ex-husband asked me to remove his name from the account. I called Cox and was told that I could either visit a store or go online and get an account change form. This form needed to be completed and notarized and sent to a specific address along with a copy of my divorce decree. My ex husband had also already contacted Cox and told them it would be all right to change the account to my name.

A week or two after I sent the form, I got a phone call from Cox telling me that there was one more step to complete the account change. The man who called asked me to verify my account with my name, address and security question. Then he told me he had to transfer me to the sales department. He accidentally connected me to billing and then I had to be transferred again to sales.

The girl in sales made me repeat my name address and security answer. She told me that they couldn't just change the name on the account (even though they call it account assumption which I would understand to mean that I was assuming responsibility for an existing account). She would have to close the current account and open a new one in my name alone. To do this, they had to run a background check and update my banking information even though I had been paying the bill out of my own individual account for months.

I just wanted to take my ex-husband's name off the account. She then put me on hold. I had already been on the phone with them for over 20 minutes. Remember, I had already filled out the forms I was told were all I needed and Cox had called me.

I decided I had been on the phone long enough and hung up. I went to log into my internet and got a notice that my service was disconnected. Called Cox back. Had to listen to the automated system again.

Punch all the buttons again, answer all the security questions again, get transferred again, answer all the security questions again and then be told that my new account was up and running. My PC monitor still said I was not connected. Had to set up my modem. Tried to do that and got an error that said my device was no longer supported by Cox.

Called Cox back. Had to get through the automated answering again, give my account info again, get transferred again, explain again that I was just trying to change the name on my account verify my account info again, get transferred to tech and give the same information again, only to be told that Cox had not supported by modem for over a year. What? I was using this modem an hour ago!

I was just supposed to be changing the name on the account. I was told that I had been grandfathered in to the old system so I asked why they couldn't just put me back on the old system. They tried but couldn't succeed. I admit my patience was non existent at this point.

I yelled and swore and eventually hung up. After I calmed down, I called back. Went through the whole riggamaroll again to get to a tech guy. Cameron was the first person I had spoken to who had actually tried to be helpful.

He tried to enter some code to revert to the system that had worked with my modem, but to no avail. He then told me that the old account that had had my ex-husband's name on it was entitled to a new modem when the service had changed. He tried to see if that could be transferred to the new account. I had to be transferred again and verify my account again only to be told that they would send me the best modem they had and I could rent it.

Rent it!? I thought I was entitled to a free one? Well I was told, they could give me a $10 discount. I told the lady that I wanted a free modem or I would cancel my account.

I had only wanted to take my ex husband off the account and now I had a new account that I couldn't use and would have to pay for a new modem because of the company's ridiculous protocol for changing a name on an account. I couldn't qualify for the free modem because I hadn't had an account with them before. I insisted that I get a free modem overnighted to me or I would just close my account and look for an alternate provider. She said she was not authorized to give me a free modem.

I asked who was authorized and she said it was her department, but I didn't qualify for a free one. I asked her to connect me with whomever could close my account. THAT she was able to do and did. I spent the better part of 4 hours arguing on the phone and spoke to 7 or 8 different people, including a supervisor, and nobody was able to help me.

All I wanted to do was change the owner's name on the account and now I have no internet and probably need to buy a new modem. Just what I needed after the stress of a divorce right before the holidays.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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They played that card with me also saying I was grandfathered in on another plan..I posted my complaint on facebook and made sure everyone could see it..not just my friends...call this number 844-233-3044 as for Dani..that is the direct line to supervisors if accounting...don't let them cheat you

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