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cox canceled my email ips address and told me I did not have an email with them someone else owned it for the last ten yrs and I was linked to there email, But for 10 yrs I have had the same email and accessed it every day. I got it back after they deleted all my emails.

Then they took my husbands email address and told us the same thing only to find out they let someone else read all my husbands emails and my husband had his account for over 10 yrs. They told me my husband no longer has his email and will not get it. I think cox has some issues and big ones at that!!!

They say this happens were 2 people have the same acct I have never heard of this and to let someone else access your personal emails what is cox thinking and were is our privacy. I HATE COX COMMUNICATIONS

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These situations can be quite confusing indeed. Many times somebody will use an email address they are able to get the password to even though it is technically assigned to another subscriber.

This won'tim impact your ability to use the email address in any way however should the subscriber that owns the address disconnect service this situation can occur. I apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused.


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