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I really documented all the details for sharing my problem purposes. I will upload images and recordings.

1. We finish the contract from Prism TV and internet did not continue the reason of it the tv shows keeps freezing and my husband is pist when its time of his favorite shows so I decided to call Cox for switch.

2. I called Cox somewhere May 15,2014. the 1st sales rep answered. After all the talkings, he got my credit card number because it needs to have a deposit. I got the bundle which is the tv, internet and phone. Told them that I want my old number to be ported and the very soon install the better. He didn't even ask my email address so when the conversation was finished, I was wondering if they sent me a recap on what I got, then I remembered he did not get my email so I decided to call again next time because of the long wait.

3. I called again for the reason to ask a recap on what I got. Take note the 100 dollars was very fast taken from my card when I checked.

Now because of the long wait on the phone, I tried to hang up and use their chat service. Even in chat its still long time wait. I just waited until somebody replied and very sad because she cannot help me because it is a sales chat so she gave me a number to call and so I did called the number she gave me.

4. I called and waited again. When somebody answered and so she was looking for my history purchase and then she escalate me to another rep. That started my worries, and this time I talked to name Kesha and so she said she sent it already to my email but she didn't because I did not receive any because I am at my computer to make sure they really send it. I told her i did not receive any, I waited and waited I was thinking they are talking also to another person and let me wait for a long time. She was with me again and so she sent me an email but it is not the recap of what I purchased. She sent me the terms and conditions only. She told me she promise she will call me again so the call ended at 3:30pm and I waited that she will call me back but nobody called.

5. I called again at 4:30 the same day May 19,2014 this time it is a Male. He sent me an email of the recap but the sender is not Cox. email address is his own personal email add. We talked about the porting of the number to make sure they will do it. We made an appointment on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 and because he said the number will be ported 3 to 5days, somebody called me somebody will come on the Saturday the 24th of May 2014. Wednesday came and somebody knocked on the door and so I said Cox called it will be on Saturday but the guy said to make sure the number will be finish ported he will come back on Monday the 26'th of May 2014. I agreed.

6. Memorial day May 26, 2014. Somebody came not the same guy. Installed everything he gave us only one box at first and I asked if we can watch the same thing as the downstairs he said no. So i said I want another box so we can watch the same show as the downstairs so he put another box upstairs which he said it would be additional cost. I asked if the number has ported already? while he was testing the number was not yet ported. I called Cox again while the tech was still in the house. Their reason was the old Carrier will not respond to them. So I called the old carrier which is the Magic Jack.

7. I called Magic Jack May 26, 2014. Magic jack has a very great customer service eversince. I am still a magic jack customer until now it's just magic jack will only work for the internet if no internet then you cannot call. I can still use "mj" for international call. So the mj gave me an instruction to give my account to Cox including my password. So i did.

8. Called Cox again. Waiting for a long long time. This time my hands are so called because of anger. I talked to a tech dept. I gave my account and password. I waited again for 3 days nothing happened

9. Called Cox again May 29,2014. waiting for a long long time. This time I recorded the conversation. She promised me that the number will be ported at midnight. Nothing happed the number is still not yet on service.

10. I called magic jack to make sure they did their part. I printed and saved the conversation.

11. They sent different bills which shocked me. There is a bill that said. Total new charges 253.82

12. Today, I am typing this to expres my anger. I can't change to another carrier for the reason under their terms and conditions of early termination will be charged.

I really want the head of Cox see my concern.

Please someone can help me. My husband don't want trouble the reason if he get's angry he might have a heart attack.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Bundle.

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Hi Bebs,

I would like to assist you with this to make sure that you are getting all the services that you subscribed to, the number is ported, and you are happy with all of the services. When you have an opportunity, please email us your service address and a link to this thread to .




Actuallly I called again today, and a male tech answered and he said it was successfully ported last june 03,2014. The line was cut off while we were talking, and so he called my other number which is my cellphone.

He tried to call my landline to test it using the number which was being ported. He admit there was a problem so he let me go again hang up the phone, promised me he will call back again.. He's name is Andrew 2327.

He called again and at last I am stress free now. Thanks Andrew.