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We moved took equipment with us to a rental house moved into our new home 2 years ago and had service installed, left recently to another provider got a bill for over $1100 for equipment, turned in all the equipment i had, sent me a bill for $478 saying i still have cable box. I said why would you let me keep this for 2 years if so important, she said i had been paying for it, great so getting screwed for equipment and obviously been paying for equipment not in my house!!!!

i am so pissed at them, that is complete bull ***, i have no equipment, and honestly what good is that equipment, i don't have? i feel screwed over by them. i was a customer for over 23 years, thanks Cox Communications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was not real happy with Verizon Fios and honestly thought about going back, NEVER!!!! THEY *** with their so called equipment.

Monetary Loss: $478.

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