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I had a ridiculously horrible experience with Cox. I have been with cox for almost 5 years consistently before that I had gotten rid of cable for a year and but was with them for an additional 4 years.

6 months ago I moved my bill was about $65-70 with HD CABLE and $91-$95 with internet. I moved and transferred the service to my new place. I wanted to get the activation fee waived since I was with them so long, but no avail. Then the cox person called me saying that they will waive the installation fee if I get digital phone and that the service and the equipment will be free as long as I cancel within 6 months.

I had several issues getting the modem to work due to some cox coding issue that even the technician couldn't figure out, so they had to come out twice. I was billed for both occurrences even though it was their fault and I had accepted their offer of the free digital phone and service. Strike 1. Subsequently I was billed in the order of over $300, I called cox and the agent said they fix the issue and my bill should not be more than $91.

The billing still persisted the other month, they threatened to disconnect service if over $200+ was not paid in full and the agents had a habit of saying they would/could not pull up an account until a payment was made. One said just make the payment and it will be refunded/adjusted. Next month same problem with an even higher bill when I just dropped over $200 in one month and be reminded that my monthly bill is only supposed to be $95 another Cox agent said they made the notes and corrected the problem and my bill will be fine in November, all I have to do is pay the $95 onwards. I went ahead and made several called to cut the digital phone as this might be the problem.

Low and behold December's bill is over $300 again and they tried to charge a disconnect fee when they cut off both the internet and phone when that was their error. I refused to pay that amount and paid an extra $130 plus to keep the account current. They went ahead and charged and billed for $300+ again and still billing like the phone was there. Tried to talk to manager because anyone who makes the slightest effort to look at the account can see all the notes.

The agents say they made adjustments but none of them stick. A manager claimed that he is going to send my account to collections. I have close to an 800 credit score I don't do late payments and the works. So I immediately ask to be sent to the disconnect person and I'll pay whatever because I am done, I will also be contacting the attorney general's office because all of that is false advertising and fraud.

I was switched from person to person for the better of 2hours finally a guy goes through the account month by month since July and said I overpaid in several months and by his account their is a zero balance after I pay about $33 that could not be waived. He said the bill should be all cleared up and I should only owe $95, he urged not to contact the attorney general just yet and if said if it persists after this I can go ahead and disconnect. A week passes account still shows over $300+ . Agents are either pretending to fix and misleading customers or there is a software glitch either way I'm done and will most likely seek legal remedy.

It seems as if this is the only way people pay attention these days. I've spent several hours on the phone trying to fix ***, that is precious time wasted that could be spent elsewhere than on the phone with Cox representatives.

It's a scam and I know quite a few individuals with similar complaints. Cox is one of the worst out there, never again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Hi Sapple,

It sounds like you have every right to be upset with us! What you've described is definitely not the Cox experience I want for any of our customers. I wholeheartedly apologize for the frustration and aggravation we have put you through!

Would you allow me the opportunity to help? When you have a free moment, please send your full service address, the name on the account, and a phone number where you can be reached to So that you don't have to re-type anything, simply copy and paste this post into the body of your email. I will do everything that I can to make this right for you!


Becky K.

Cox Social Media Support Specialist

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