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My cable, phone and internet bill spiked from approximately 190.00 to over 250.00 per month. The company offered a small discount that only brought my bill down to $220.00.

There are several features I am paying for that I don't want. However, the company will not let me unsubscribe only from those features. The cost for their product is outrageous and is not worth it. I would drop them like a hot potato but there are no competitors in my area.

I filed a complaint with the BBB but they were unable to prompt the company to take further action. I urge all consumers to avoid doing business with this company if possible.

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States #836512

I totally agree. If I had another option for internet, I would drop their service tomorrow.

The basic channel selection is so bad, other than five or six commercial and public stations, all of the others are worthless. And, we pay for them.


I can set you up with Directv with no start up costs or hidden fees. Will give you every price, and make your cable bill go down by $30+ a month.

I'm an authorized Directv Retailer.

Email me if interested.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #832956

Cut the cord. Get an HD indoor antenna (there are online sites that will help you figure out what type will work best at your home).

Then go to Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime and see which ones have the programs or channels that you watch. Sign up for what you need and then drop Cox TV. You can get a Roku or AppleTV if you want to add that. You'll start saving money from the first month.

Get an IP phone like OOMA and you can also drop your Cox phone service.

You'll probably have to keep your Internet service from Cox, but that's it.

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