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And so it continues. Here\'s the basic rundown of the past 3-4 WEEKS of trying to buy internet service from Cox. After the intentionally misleading rebate fiasco was finally resolved, which took customer services calls to three separate companies, I still had no Internet service.

I would absolutely go elsewhere, but alas Cox has a high-speed Internet monopoly in the area. So instead I launched a four hour campaign in which I was on hold on the phone the entire time, whilst also tweeting angrily (and publicly) at a group of incredibly unhelpful people. I explained that I wanted a phone number for someone in the United States (because their Indian service reps can hardly comprehend English) in no uncertain terms. What I got was two more Twitter accounts to tweet at, and an email address. I kept up a barrage of online attempts at getting any kind of useful information, to no avail. In the meantime, I never did get anyone to answer the phone, so I quit.

Finally, hours after having given up, Cox actually called me (I had tweeted and emailed them that they clearly did not want my business, so I was switching to DSL). This lady sounded helpful and got service all set up... or so I thought. I paid for the first month up front, somehow knowing there would still be a hassle.

Then, when we went to install the modem in our new apartment, the Internet didn\'t work. Cox said they would send out a technician, and if the error was theirs it would be fixed for free, and if it was ours, we\'d be charged $40! The technician came, saw it wasn\'t working, left our apartment, did something who knows where, came back in and it was working. Clearly their fault. Nevertheless, about 4 days later I got a bill with over $70 of fraudulent charges! They charged me a second time for the first month that I had prepaid, they charged me for the technician\'s trip, and they charged me for the \"television connection\" (we bought only Internet service, and don\'t even have a TV at this point, so figure that one out).

Moral of the story is that everyone Cox is either so wholely incompetent that it is amazing they remember to breathe, or they have business practices in place that purposely prey on their customers, hoping they will get too tired of fighting and just pay, or that they won\'t understand their bills, and just pay. I\'m pretty sure Cox is the latter of these: a scheming pack of lying thieves.

Do everything you can to avoid Cox. If you must make yourself a victim of this terrible company, prepare for a war to protect your money.

Original review posted by user Jul 20, 2011

Cox communications has had me embroiled in a 4-day ordeal that has involved called the customer service of 3 different companies, and 7 different customer service agents.

I was simply trying to set up Internet service, and one of their promotions included a free modem after a rebate. I was doing this online. After giving Cox all of my information, it prompted me to order my free modem. I gave my credit card information, address, etc, and placed an order for an $89 modem with $89 in rebates. On the confirmation screen for the modem purchase there were links to two different rebate forms, but neither form worked.

Cox customer service was unwilling to do anything because the modem is technically from a "third-party retail store." Even though the website was branded as Cox, they felt no need to do anything to help. It took Cox 24 hours to find the phone number for the retailer. Then, Cox canceled the Internet service I had just signed up for, which invalidated the rebates I was trying to apply for in the first place.

I tried to cancel the modem order with the retailer, only to be told that I had to call FedEx because the shipment was already in the retailers warehouse and the shipment couldn't be stopped. Allegedly I would have the money credited back to my card after they received the return. I called FedEx to cancel the order, but two days later found the modem sitting on my doorstep.

What amazes me was that nowhere in this entire ordeal did any customer service agent ever offer to make a call, or take any action for me. The system is clearly designed as a scam to force you to purchase an expensive modem, and then deny you the rebate forms you were promised. The issue still has not been resolved, and it has been four days. I think I am going to have to dispute the entire transaction with my credit card company.

The kicker? When all is said and done after a full-week ordeal, or longer, I still won't have any Internet service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cox Communications Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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